5 tips for smooth Interview


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  • sir/medam,

    iam always go to interviws but all the time fail the interviw fail i don’t what do i that time please give some suggeison about my interviws

  • hi sir/mam..
    i have attend lot of interview but automatically comes some nervous in my mind ,i am not able to answering the interviewer question plz give me better suggestion, i have knowledge but i havn,t words to express in front of interviewer and one more thing i did commerce graduation and int diploma IATA&UFTAA foundation ,then how to make cv plz help me

    thanks regards

  • aisha

    how to reply if we r not well aware of the ans?

  • M Ahmad Bhandara

    This is an excellent presentation i ever find as an interview guidline. Thanks for apnijobs.com for providing such a precious consultancy material on interview.i can share with you one thing
    @ The interview is not the time to air your grievances about being wronged by a past boss. How you speak about a previous employer gives the hiring manager an idea of how you’ll speak about him or her once you’ve moved on.

  • M Ahmad Bhandara

    This is excellent presentation i ever find as an interview guidline. Thanks for apnijobs.com for for providing such a precious consultancy material on interview.

  • when we are going for interview the most comon question is what is your name antthe most important thin is that how we have to sit in

    plz reply me soon


    Best regards

  • @Faraz: The state that you get into during interview is nervousness. Being nervous doesn’t mean that you have lost confidence. It’s okay being nervous until you don’t show it.

    Here are few tips to ease your nervousness:

    1. Maintain composure. When called for interview, take deep breaths before entering the room, sit upright but in relaxed posture. You may also drink a glass of water before interview to keep your throat from drying.

    2. Practice, Practice, Practice. As they say, Practice makes a man Perfect. You can practice mock interview sessions with friends or siblings. Try to be in your prospective employer’s shoes, make a list of possible questions and go through them with your partner. This will ease some of the real life pressure from you.

    Most importantly feel good and think good. Once you are through an interview, take some time to analyze what went wrong with it and practice more to do that correctly next time.

    Keep us updated with your success story.

    Best of Luck!

  • faraz khilji

    i have a problem which i want to consult with u that i lose my confidence while im sitting in the interview ,tell me sum suggestions how can i gain confidence.although i hav knowledge but i havn,t words to express infront of interviewer.i can,t express my feelings.how can i improve this.plz suggest me,an early reply will be appreciated.
    faraz khilji