Eight Tips To Recession Proof Your PR Career

recession proof your careerWith the world slowing turning into recession, companies cutting costs and unemployment rising, it is quite difficult to sustain a career. However, as BurrellesLuce notes, PR Industry still has the potential to see through recession. Here are eight tips offered to recession proof your PR Career:

1. Speak up: Talk with your immediate supervisor or other higher-ups if you have any concerns about the future of the company or your career direction. Conversations of this kind reflect a sincere interest in the well-being of the company, as well as your own future. Don’t be afraid to do some independent research and to ask tough questions, such as “what’s being done to safeguard the future of the company and ensure continued success?”

2. Stay visible: Your instinct may be to lay low during a recession, but that’s the last thing you should do. In uncertain times, you want to make your presence known by showcasing your value to the organization and being an active team player.

3. Perfect your skill set: To boost your market value, keep your skills up to date. Investment in your education, whether its earning a more advanced degree or taking training courses to stay on top of the latest technology and corporate trends, will give you lifelong skills. They will help you do your job better and make you more marketable if you should need or want to switch careers in the future.

4. Make a positive impact on the bottom line: Employers increasingly view their staff as “mini- profit-and-loss centers rather than just as employees,” notes Careerbuilder.com. So, ask yourself how your projects and initiatives are benefiting the company. If they are not contributing in some measurable way, reevaluate your job-preservation strategy.

5. Network: Studies show that building rapport with past and current colleagues is one of the easiest, yet most often overlooked, ways to stay on the right track. Networking can be especially valuable in a sluggish market, so now is the ideal time to strengthen your relationship with co-workers, clients, and vendors. And given the proliferation of web-based media and digital communications, it’s easier than ever before. Social networking counts: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are there for you to leverage.

6. Stay positive: By keeping a level head and a positive outlook, you are better able to fulfill your responsibilities to your organization. And by projecting optimism and confidence, you will be someone whom other people desire being around.

7. Prepare mentally: Since things can take a turn for the worse without warning, it pays to develop a realistic back-up plan before the situation calls for one.

8. Step up to new possibilities: When opportunity knocks, welcome it. Because you’ll be in a better position to gain from opportunities if you’re prepared for them, you should take the time now to beef up your résumé, look for freelance projects, and consider alternate routes for traveling along your career path. Every step you make to empower yourself is a step in the right direction.

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