How to improve your presentation skills

Presentation Skills

Presentation is a form of giving the audience or the party a layout or a brief description of your thoughts or the strategies that are to be adopted while achieving a task. Skills should be enhanced for the presentation as they effect the decision of the other party.

Some of the main features to enhance the presentation skills are as follows:

1. Identify the issue: You should know the issue on which to present. Many times it happens that people usually define the issue in certain terms that are misleading. Always define and identify the main issue that need to be addressed for the presentation.

2. Bring in the information that is necessary to address the issue: You need to make a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of the issue in order to have a complete control over the presentation you need to have the information in order to resolve and come up with different and appropriate recommendations to it.

3. Identify your audience: Always identify the audience that needs to be addressed. If the audience is educated then always give as much authentic information as possible which needs to be supported by some live examples.

4. Have a control over your voice: Your voice the most important part when while carrying out a presentation. Have a complete control over the voice. Try to change the pitch of the voice which should be in accordance to the important features of the point. This would help you to emphasize on the key features of the presentation.

5. Use graphs, charts, diagrams and videos: It will be much easier for you to access the information by using graphs or charts. This helps you to make the decision and for the audience to view the information much more easily. It also helps you to affect your audience positively because then they have a feel that some work has been carried out by the person. Moreover they view the information as authentic. Show diagrams and videos in order to support your point of view and make your information more authentic. Moreover, the video may also summarize the amount of work that has been done so far.

6. Don’t misrepresent figures or information: When you are showing graphs or charts do keep in mind that you must have to state correct figures and you must be completely aware of these numbers. It may be possible that the audience is educated enough to access the information and give a hard time by asking too many complex questions.

7. Come up with suitable recommendations: Recommendations should be given while concluding the presentation. A recommendation is a feature of presentation which briefly describes your point of views about the issue. you have to be extremely careful while giving the recommendation as they can either cast a negative or a positive view about you. Always support recommendations with some strong points so that the audience finds no other way to put you in a question.

And here is a video discussing how to improve your presentation skills. Watch and share your feedback.

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