Top 5 Careers for College Graduates

Top 5 Careers for College Graduates

College graduates hold a very ace in their hands, their college diploma gives them an edge among other job candidates. Like what US President Obama once said, “The unemployment rate for folks who’ve never gone to college is twice as high as it is for folks with a college degree or more.”

As a college graduate, you possess a certain level of idealism and enthusiasm that other job candidates do not possess. And this is something that most companies look for in young candidates. They want new blood injected into their organizations, individuals who are trainable and fast learners.

To start your search for how to choose a career, look into areas or industries that are growing. They will provide you with never ending opportunities with a big chance for you to make your mark. Information technology remains a strong field, as well as Data Mining, which is also a tech-friendly field. Online feature writing is another field that is growing.

It is important that you understand that your college major should not limit your options in choosing your career path. Your college major is only a means to an end. It is not the sole factor in your choice of career.

Here are five industries that college graduates should look into:

1. Healthcare Information Technology. Advanced technology is widely used in the health care industry and there is a need for someone to organize information accurately and timely. This is where health information technicians come in.

2. Data Mining. With the massive amount of data within our reach, companies need people to organize, interpret, and project information to predict trends and consumer behavior. Data Mining is a growing industry as studies show that the amount of data doubles every three years. Data Mining combines a study of algorithms, computer management and statistics.

3. Geriatric Health Care. The world is getting older. Most wealthy and powerful countries have an aging population and there is a great need for senior care. Jobs include attending to the elders, managing facilities and developing health care plans for the elders.

4. Mobile Media. With the non-stop booming of smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets, plus the effects of social media and gaming in our lives, the mobile media industry is growing—and growing fast. There is a high demand for graphic designers, mobile video developers, application and game developers as well as software engineers for mobile platforms.

5. “Green Jobs”. Green jobs refer to those job posts that look into the environmental aspect of a job, and then making recommendations on how to make the job “greener”. For example, green engineers work into sustainable energy, green architects come up with environmentally friendly homes and buildings, and green accountants measure the financial impact of an environmental problem.

Remember that as a newly graduate, one of your main objectives when choosing a job is about gaining skills and building professional connections. So keep in mind these two things when you start building your career track as a college graduate.

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