5 tips to find a job in foreign country

You may get lured by the flourishing economy and high paying jobs in a foreign country. You may get attracted to the excellent standard of living over there and dream about settling down with your family and folks. But wait a moment! Dreams can’t fetch you ‘bread & butter’, you need a job and finding a job in foreign country can be daunting. However, if you lay some groundwork before making a move then it can be of a big help.

Here are top 5 secret weapons that you can make use of in order to make your job search in a new city, and country, a successful one:

Tips to find a job in foreign country:

find job in foreign country

1. Create a list of Targeted Companies, Sectors and Industries

Applying in every second company is not a good option as it displays lack of research and time invested. It is advisable to do a basic research on the company profile and its market position so that you don’t place yourself in an insecure job. This not only makes your job search more focused but also makes your resume and cover letter, more meaningful and in line with the market demand.

Advisable Ways: With so many options in-hand, here’s how you can achieve the task:

– Think about the sector you want to serve and research on better performing companies in that industry.
– Search those companies on social sites like Linkedin and ‘follow’ them. This way you will start getting notifications regarding any job openings or market updates related to the company.
– You can also narrow down your company and job list by applying to the apt ones on employment search sites that caters to your preferred locality or nation.

2. Make Your Social Profiles Flawless

The recruiters are now making use of social profiles like Linkedin and Twitter to know about you, your work experience and your candidature. Your social profile speaks a lot about you as the kind of posts you like, pictures you post and tweets you make live reflects your thought process and preferences.

All these facts are affecting the selection of a candidate in a firm to a great extent. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a neutral-looking and flawless social profile.

Advisable Ways: There are certain Don’ts that should be kept in mind while maintaining a social profile:

Don’t make pictures containing you and your friends taking a drink or dope public as this might leave a frivolous impression of yours in recruiter’s mind. Moreover, don’t live posts that are vague, vulgar or aggressive on your Facebook profile.

3. Revive & Create Your Network

Search for acquaintances and friends in the new city and socialize with them. This will help you know better about the new city and easier ways of approaching the jobs. Otherwise, internet is always there if you are alone in the country. Reviving the old network grid of yours can actually help you land a good paying job in new country.

Advisable Ways: Here’s how you can achieve the task:

– Connect with people known to you through social networking site like Facebook & Twitter
– Join professional groups that talks about openings in the sector and company that are looking forward to

4. State the Move Clear in Cover Letters & Communication Mails

Cover letters should express your state of mind pertaining to job change and interest in the applied employment option clearly. The letter should give a clear idea to the recruiter that you are seeking job in foreign country and you have a relocation action plan pertaining to that particular job role.

Advisable Ways: Here are the ways of creating an amazing cover letter:

– Make sure that your cover letter isn’t a story but a summary of what you have done before and what you aspire to be
– The cover letter should clearly mention that why you want the relocation and whether you have matters on relocation and expenses to talk about

5. Know the Culture

This is very important point to take note of if you are planning to take up a job in foreign country. Every country has its own cultural inclinations and a job seeker from different nationality should be aware of this so as to not make any cultural offence or hurt people’s sentiments. In job interviews and searches, a cultural know-how can enable you to address recruiter in an excellent way and let you converse efficiently. With this, you will also be able to make yourself adjustable to the new world beforehand.

Advisable Ways: Knowing about a country’s traditional preferences is not a trying task. This is how you can do this:

– Talk to folks and friends who might be staying in that country, by any chance and you can have a better understanding of the current social environment
– Make use of Internet and know about traditional history and cultural barriers that you may face in that particular country.

Getting a job in foreign country can be trying if you are not strategized enough. The job search has to be well-laid and according to the industrial demand of the new country. By following some of the pointers mentioned, one can definitely make the seek-out for new employment role in a new nation, a successful one.

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