5 tips to make great first impression in interview

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In this competitive job market, making that first winning impression is more critical than ever.

And career experts say that it’s not always what you say, but how you say it, that could make the difference in securing that coveted post.

That’s because interviewers observe everything — from your facial expressions and mannerisms, to how you sit in a chair — to evaluate whether they think you’ll be successful in the new post and fit in with other workers.

Make Great First Impression in Interview

Here are five tips to make great first impression in Interview:

1. Posture: Just as your parents used to say, sit up straight in the chair and listen attentively, says executive recruiter Vicki Kaskey of Ledgent Search Group, an accounting, finance and technology staffing company in Phoenix.

“Posture is distracting sometimes if they’re too laid-back, where they’re almost too comfortable,” Kaskey says. “When you’re in an interview, you need to be on your toes.”

2. Eye contact: Looking directly at the interviewer shows you’re engaged in the conversation. But remember to occasionally glance away to avoid looking like you are staring.

“I’ve had people look at my pictures on my wall when they’re talking to me,” says Mike Hayes, owner of Momentum Specialized Staffing in Phoenix. “Or they look at their fingernails or play with their hair.”

If you’re shy, practice making eye contact when speaking to people, which indicates you’re interested in what they have to say.

3. Facial expressions: Be careful not to make odd expressions, which can make you look strange to an interviewer.

“People make faces all the time when they talk to people,” Hayes says.

Hayes suggests practicing in the mirror or asking people you know if you make strange faces when you speak, exaggerate or are caught off guard. (You’ll be surprised how honest friends can be.)

4. Smell: Cigarette smoke and perfumes or cologne can be turn-offs, too.

“People that smoke a lot don’t smell it. But when you go into an office, it permeates and a lot of people don’t like that,” Hayes says.

The same applies to perfumes and colognes, which many people are allergic to .

5. Don’t fidget: Fidgeting can be distracting and can imply you’re eager to leave and be anywhere else.

“Keep your hands to your side or folded in your lap,” Kaskey says. “When you’re in an interview, you need to be on your toes.”

Source: AzCentral

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