7 Offline Work From Home Ideas

work from home ideas

While most of the work from home ideas emphasize on having a computer, access to internet, and using some sort of software or web based application, there are many work from home opportunities that do not required you to be wired or online.

Here are seven offline work from home ideas that you can use to work from home.

Childcare services. If you are energetic and have a natural flair for taking care of children, you can offer your services to look after your friends’ or acquaintances’ children. This will be a cheaper alternative as compared to other childcare services that charge a lot. Ensure that the number of children will be manageable for you. Prepare activities and arrange security of your venue, if needed.

Catering or Baking. If cooking or baking is your forte, you can choose this option. You can start small first, such as catering to a small party or accepting a few orders of baked goods every other day. Then, as your customer base grows, you may want to hire some extra hands to help you with your increasing orders. You may want to attend some cooking or baking lessons to ensure your skills are updated.

Errand Services. There is always a person out there who is just too busy to run errands. And if your social network is big, chances are you know a lot of people who would want to get you (or your assistant) to run an errand for them. Ensure that you communicate clearly the type of services you have, and research errand services in your area in order to come up with competitive rates.

Crafts or Floral Services. Have you always been into arts & crafts? Maybe it’s time to turn your hobby into a money-making venture. You can capitalize on special occasions when you offer your custom-made crafts—such as souvenirs or tokens for parties, weddings and anniversaries, table centerpiece, knick-knacks and so on.

Gift Baskets. Creating a gift basket is not costly. Yet people are willing to pay a high price for these gift baskets most especially during holidays and birthday season. Other occasions that call for gift baskets are bridal showers and special company occasions.

Direct Selling. You could also work from home by taking part in businesses that have already been established. This can work for you because the products that you will be selling are already popular. Note that this is a competitive area so you must hone those selling and marketing skills in order to stay on top.

Whatever work from home business venture you get into, you must remember to promote yourself and the best promotional activity is by doing quality work. When word goes around about you and if it reflects good on you, work will come knocking on your door. Work from home may not always be easy, but worth giving a try, if only for the chance of achieving work-life balance.

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