8 Tips For Getting Rehired By A Former Employer

Ever felt like you made a wrong decision after leaving a job? We’ve all had those moments where we thought that our previous jobs were better than our current ones! Do you wish to get rehired? And are you wondering that there’s no way because you burnt all bridges? Well, that’s not completely true.

Lisa Quast writes about 8 tips for getting rehired by former employees in an article for Forbes:

8 Tips For Getting Rehired By A Former Employer

Find job opportunities of interest. On your previous employer’s website, search for open positions that are of interest and download those job descriptions. Carefully read each job description, highlighting key requirements.

Update and customize your résumé. Tailor your résumé to those positions in a way that showcases your skills, education and your accomplishments that are most relevant to the job requirements.

Define your network. Make a list of everyone with whom you worked or knew at your previous company so you can see your network. LinkedIn is a helpful tool to accomplish this task.

Re-establish relationships. Using whatever means you’re comfortable with (LinkedIn, telephone, in person, email, Facebook, etc.), connect with key people to re-establish relationships. Focus on making contact with co-workers who saw your work firsthand and could be your “inside coach” to help you get back into the company. Also, find out what’s happened or changed since you left.

Spread the word. Let your network know you’re interested in getting re-hired. Offer to email them your updated résumé and ask them to submit it to hiring managers for positions of interest. Need references? This is also a good time to ask key people within your network to be included on your list of references or ask them for a recommendation (either a formal letter or a recommendation via LinkedIn).

Connect with HR. Did you work with or know anyone in HR at your previous employer, specifically in the area of recruiting? Contact them to let them know you’re interested in open positions that fit your background.

Stay current. Regularly review the company’s website for current job postings, and contact hiring managers for positions of interest.

Prepare answers. If you weren’t part of corporate downsizing due to the recession, have an answer ready for why you left and where you worked after leaving. Be able to explain why you want to come back and the value you would bring to the company if you were rehired.

Make sure you take the above 8 tips in consideration and we assure you that there are big chances for you to be rehired in your former company. Just keep trying and stay positive! Wishing you good luck!

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