9 Tips For Successful Job Hunt in 2012

9 Tips For Successful Job Hunt in 2012Start your new year with these great 9 tips for successful job hunting.
These tips are not only for job hunting but can also work if you are interested in life management, making your daily routine stress free and more productive.

Start now, before its too late.

1. Get out of bed early. Sounds simple. But even simple things are difficult when you find yourself without purpose and depressed by the prospects. Depression is a very common affliction of job seekers. One of the best cures is to get moving early. Tumble out of bed at 6 a.m. with a plan and a whole world of possibilities will occur to you. You will be taking control of your life once again.

2. Start your day with exercise — running, walking, biking, tennis — all things you can do on the cheap to improve your outlook and your outward appearance. Do it first thing in the morning to get the endorphin kick and clear your head. Put exercise on the schedule just like you would any other appointment. Exercising will open your mind to the possibilities and reduce the stress and anxiety you feel about not having a job. You will start to think about what you should be doing to move on with your life.

3. Carve out a space where you can work each day. It is amazing how just having a place to go will make you more productive. A corner of a room or Starbucks works, as long as it is a place you feel comfortable and motivated to produce.

4. Set your goals. Start this process by listing your long-term and your short-term goals. What do you want to accomplish over the next three to six months? What do you want to accomplish over the next three to five years? Write a to-do list each day with your goals in mind.

5. Get organized. Put together a job search binder and a calendar to organize your search. Be positive – people will respond accordingly.

6. Get help. Doing it alone is no fun– find a career coach, a career planning class or read a career-planning book. You need to establish a solid strategy for getting a job and this is where to start. A professional can help move the process along with better results.

7. Be well informed. Read the news for the geographical area in which you are searching for a job and search professional journals for exciting breakthroughs, professional activities, ideas and leads. Develop a list of possible companies to apply with and hit their web sites. Research a minimum of ten companies on your target list each day.

8. Network. Use your contacts to connect with people inside of the organizations that interest you. LinkedIn or friends and faculty can provide you with names of persons you might connect with for more information or a company visit. Send email expressing interest in the organization and describing your qualifications. Follow up with telephone calls and schedule appointments.

9. Follow-up. With thank you email to anyone and everyone who gives you ideas, contacts or leads. And get used to some rejection, just don’t let it stop you! Just get more creative the next time.

John Blank is managing principal for Crosslin Executive Search.

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