149 Questions and Answers to Ace Your Teacher Interview

The 224 pages book titled Ace Your Teacher Interview thoughtfully written by Anthony D. Fredericks has been an informative guide for youngsters and professionals alike who would like to step into the field of teaching.

Being a teacher not only involves a lot of responsibility but it also entails a serious amount of pressure and stress. It’s not just the regular lectures, giving homework and assignments or punishing the impolite ones; the general perception of teachers and their profession. But if you ever decide to step into this bandwagon and experience the life of a teacher, it will be no less of an amazement about the pains you have to ensure to not only survive but merely “get-in” the field. This is where the strenuous interview process comes in and teacher interview tips come in handy.

Mr. Fredericks is an award-winning and bestselling author having written over a 100 books in his experience of 39 years as a professional educator.

ace your teacher interviewHis book, Ace Your Teacher Interview, is a one stop guide for anyone looking for teacher interview tips with the ideal responses to commonly asked questions that people get tripped on when asked in spontaneity. The key features of the book are,

– 149 FAQs and their apt answers.
– 99 basic questions.
– 39 zingers you need to watch out for.

The table of contents looks like this,

Part 1: Before the Interview
Chapter 1: Preparing for the Interview
Chapter 2: Setting the Right Tone
Chapter 3: Interview Formats
Chapter 4: Interview Strategies
Part 2: The Top 149 Questions
Chapter 5: The Single Most Important Question You Must Always Answer
Chapter 6: 99 Basic Interview Questions
Chapter 7: 39 Zingers to Watch Out For
Chapter 8: 10 Questions You Should Raise
Chapter 9: Clinching the Deal
Chapter 10: It’s Not Over…

The book has elucidated on the minutest details and teacher interview tips that are of high importance for fresh graduates and educationalists. The book is written in a way that it provides an intellectual insight to the interviewees mind and impressive ways to tackle tricky situations. From advices that range from how you should dress to how you should speak, sit and say ‘hello’; Ace Your Teacher Interview is probably the best off-the-shelf resource for teacher interview tips.

With over 150 frequently asked questions and adequate answers, Ace Your Teacher Interview not only gives the reader a fresh perspective to appear in the interview, it also provides sufficient knowledge that will help him/her ace the answers.

This is a treasure for fresh graduates who need a walk-through the entire process to appear in their first interviews. Some chapters of the book such as chapter 5, ‘The Single Most Important Question You Must Always Answer’ is so provocative that it’ll make you sit back and reflect on the importance of right answers at the right time.

Even though you may find juggling between a thousand articles online that claim to teach you teacher interview tips, however barely any can train you for what’s lying ahead. However, countless people have benefited from Ace Your Teacher Interview and have claimed it to be the best source of preparation for teacher interview tips.

Here is the link to get this amazing book. Read it thoroughly to do wonders in your next teacher interview.

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