Top 10 tips for leaving your job gracefully

Getting a job, settling down with the new role and gelling in with your new colleagues is probably the most challenging part of any job switch. However, what’s more difficult is leaving your job with grace. When you know that it’s time for you to move on from your current company, make sure you don’t … Read more

Top 5 interview questions to ask an employer

How long have you prepared to ‘answer’ all the interview questions that you’re anticipating to be thrown at you in the upcoming interview? You might have spend hours! However, what we usually miss out on is the opportunity of interview questions to ask an employer. Are you wondering how can you prepare for something so … Read more

How To Dress Up For An Interview

Dress for success, they said. Dress to impress, they said! Not only is it extremely important to dress up for an interview at your best but it is also equally important to make sure that you leave the best first impression with your personality. However, most people tend to find themselves in a grey area when … Read more

Sama Dubai to create 350,000 jobs in Tunisia

Sama Dubai

Sama Dubai, the property unit of Dubai Holding, has begun work on Tunisia’s biggest investment project, a $25 billion real estate development expected to create 350,000 jobs, a senior executive said. “Today we announce the start of work on the first stage of the ‘Mediterranean Gate’ project which includes 16 buildings worth $1 billion,” Farhan … Read more

Licensing scheme for teachers in UAE

Proposals to introduce a licensing scheme for all teachers in the country are welcome and long overdue. For too long the variable standards of teaching have been tolerated by parents and school managements alike, thereby producing equally variable results among pupils and students. Now it is planned that teachers, supervisors and principals from kindergarten to … Read more

Wanted: Skilled employees in UAE

skilled employees uae

In order to combat the increasing global competition for skilled employees, a growing number of firms in the UAE are attempting to brand themselves as excellent places to work. Varina Nissen, the managing director for Manpower Middle East, a recruitment agency, says many companies are trying to build their brand image by offering a supportive … Read more