The best tips to start your career in Advertising

Various things have changed in the work sphere, including the way various organizations have begun to work. One of the prime reasons behind the fact is Digital Media. Jobs making use of visual and audio aids along with a computer interface fall under this category. Job opportunities are immense in the field, provided that you sought out the best guidance possible and your efforts are focused in the right direction.

Prior to applying for any job in the field of Digital Media, you should be thorough with all options possible and available in the field.

Job opportunities in Digital Media and Advertising

• Job in digital art and design
• Job in editing, screenplay etc.
• Graphic and web designer
• Content writer
• Job in DVD production and video authoring
• Digital photographer
• Job in 3D animation and modelling
• Job in typography
• Jobs in Advertising
• Social media marketer
• Digital media manager

In addition to this, Digital workers can find jobs in consulting, education and Marketing communication & training. It all depends on you, what role fits you the best and is in resonance with the kind of skills you possess. Job search in this field will be a cakewalk if you are clear in your head regarding the kind of profile that entices you the most and will be the most profitable outcome for your career.

Skills required for Digital Media and Advertising jobs

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There are several skills, which are essential prerequisites before thinking about a career in Digital media.

• Academic prowess in things like digital video editing, animation, audio design, web design, graphic design, video and interactive multimedia etc.

• Being a gizmo freak in a world where trends in making business are changing at a rapid rate, might help you professionally. It is well known that nowadays, right from the level of intrapersonal communication to interpersonal communication, implementation of social platforms is being done. Thus, having a technical know-how about various devices and their functionality may give you an upper hand in the field of digital media.

• In an era where even the smallest of things are marketed and made to go viral through internet, it is very necessary to remain updated regarding various Social networking websites and the possible ways they can be used. Various organization in this field hire people by the profile of a Social Media Marketer, Digital media manager, Mobile manager etc. As the names of these job titles suggest, people holding the job profiles should have expertise in creating media which engages customers and possible clients.

• Efficient Data management is one of the few things which is very critical in the field of Digital media. A thorough research with the help of various analytical tools will help you get acquainted with various numbers and statistics which are quite significant from a digital media point of view.

What to do, if advertising entices you?

advertising vs real stuff

It is quite a common case that every time you open a website there is a pop-up of some random product waiting for your acknowledgement. This brings the ‘Advertising’ part of digital media into limelight. A part of the marketing industry, advertising focusses on the most efficient way a brand can be endorsed and made familiar with the customer.

There are various firms, commonly called ‘Advertisement agencies’ which provide various brands with different ideas to market their product and make it presentable enough in front of the customers using various techniques. With growing commercialization and brand promotion trends, Advertising Jobs seem to provide immense opportunities to those who possess talent in the field.

To nurture your skills and boost your chances in this sector, there are some very basic lines you need to build on.

• Recognizing and fostering the passion for this field is an important pre-requisite. If you feel impressed by advertisements and know how to devise ways to make it even better, then you are on the right track.

• The next step is quite simple yet very critical at the same time i.e. deciding the kind of job you want in this field. This decision comes with an effective analytical introspection about what department you want to opt for. If you think that devising new ideas to present a product or service is your strength then Creative department might be the right choice for you. If you think, data management and analysis is your strength, then planning department seems to be the final destination.

• Getting a college degree is equally necessary in this field. If Creative department is the one you want to opt for, then going to an art school to polish your writing skills is quite helpful before getting into an advertisement focused training. If planning department entices you more, then getting a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar field would be of immense use.

• Getting a knowhow of the way advertising industry works is also very necessary before entering it professionally. Therefore, some pertinent internship experience from an Ad agency will not only help gain work experience but also various contacts and references in the field.

• Maintaining a proper Resume is equally important to get a job of your choice in advertising. It is quite a competitive field, wherein you can be looking for a new job or a freelance work assignment simultaneously. Either way, a proper RESUME clearly mentioning the work experience and you qualifications is very necessary.

• Last but not the least, remaining updated regarding various firms and organizations in the industry along with the latest trends in advertising will always give you an upper hand and increase your work efficacy. This can be flourished through regular research and maintaining a well-woven professional network.

Various avenues in the field of advertising can be discovered. It all depends on the skills you possess and the approach you move forth with. Good luck!

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