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Remote Coding Interview Tips

Being a software developer means you have to give a coding interview for a job at some point in time. Some might even suggest that it’s flawed to take a coding interview as it does not show the abilities of the interviewee. Nonetheless, these coding interviews are here to stay so we have to prepared for them.

Here are some handy coding interview tips that would help you to prepare and ace the coding interviews.  

Choose the programming language wisely:

You should research the programming languages that you can use in your coding interview. Most interviewers are fine with any language but sometimes they require a specific language or framework.

If you are allowed to use one of your choices, then go for the one that you are most familiar with. Don’t fall into the trap of impressing the interviewer by using a shiny framework .

Python3 could be a good choice as it is easy to use. However, you may select C, JavaScript or whatever you are comfortable with.

Practice makes perfect:

Once you have selected a language, flex your coding muscles by practicing different questions. You can find many websites to do that. In that regard, Leetcode can be very helpful. Most of Leetcode questions resemble those asked in interviews.  Moreover, Pramp and InterviewCake are also good for practicing.

With practice, the chances of you getting stuck during the interview reduce manifolds. Also, your brain will pick on algorithmic patterns of different coding problems. So even if you are confronted with a complex problem, you can make your way through it during the interview.

Do your homework:

Before you go to take that all-important coding interview, try to gather as much information about the prospective interview as you can. Will you use a laptop or a whiteboard for coding? Will you be asked to code at all or will you be given past problems to explain?

You will know what to expect during the interview if you are clear on the interview format ahead of time. Also, you should think of some questions that you could ask in the interview. It will show your dedication to the job.


The significance of communicating your thought process during a coding interview can’t be stressed enough. While coding, try to speak what’s going on in your mind out loud. In this way, you will help the interviewers to stay with you during the coding process.

If there are multiple approaches to a problem, tell your interviewer. Let them know that.

There are also chances that you might get an error. Instead of getting awkward, it’s better to confidently say that you got a bug and now you will fix that.

Ask questions:

While coding, you might come up with questions or get a little confused. You should ask the interviewer for a little guidance. Asking valid and reasonable questions shows your intellectual abilities and alertness.

If you are unclear about the requirements, ask questions until you have a clear picture in your mind. Maybe, during the interview, you come across an edge case and you might want to clear up whether it should be covered or not.

Test your code:

This is one of the most vital coding interview tips. Once done with the coding, the next important step is to test it. If the interviewer tests your code and finds a bug, then that’s a major downside of your interview.

To err is human. It is rare to write and successfully run a code without a bug in the first attempt. Fixing a bug yourself is better than to let the interviewers find it out.

Be honest:

Just like in any other interview, you should be truthful about whether you know the answer to a question or not. Instead of beating about the bush, simply admit that you don’t know the solution or that you can try but you are not sure about it.

Honesty in your interview will depict that you will stay honest in the long run, thus more reliable. Trying to bamboozle your way out of a difficult question is not going to get you anywhere.

Coding interviews can be very tough. One might even fail. However, it certainly doesn’t mean that you lack the ability to ace it. In fact, taking coding interviews over and over again can actually help a lot.

Have you been through a coding interview lately? Do you have any tips or feedback to share? Please feel free to use the comments below.

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