Corporate and Casual Work Wear for Summers

Summer Work Wear for Women

The summers this time have been exceptionally warm and humid. Needless to say, the demand for work wear that is more comfortable in such weather is high on demand. Irrespective of the gender, corporate work wear has to be kept both formal in appeal yet relaxing when put on.

Because you work in an office for not less than 9 hours on an average, it is important that corporate work wear is not only official but also comfortable. While most companies will allow you to wear casual work wear, some may be stricter and allow only corporate work wear. The solution is to find work wear that looks both corporate and casual yet gives you more breathing space in the hot season.

The following is a simple yet effective guide to work wear in the summer season:

Consider some important points in your corporate work wear:

1. Choose light shades – This is obviously recommended because light colors keep you cooler than dark ones.
2. Choose a looser fit – Loose fitted clothes are important in summers to allow you to work for longer hours together.
3. Wear cotton fabrics – Synthetic or semi-synthetic clothes stick to the sweat from the body making you feel very uncomfortable.

Consider some important points in your casual work wear:

1. Wear full length clothes – As against normal thinking, it is more advisable to wear clothes with sleeves or full pants instead of shorts. This is so because the clothes are able to absorb the sweat making you feel cooler.
2. Avoid Polyester – As with corporate work wear, it’s best to select casual work wear that is made of natural materials rather than polyester.

While in winters, corporate work wear is not a problem, in hot seasons such as this, it is important to select work wear of the right material and the right fit. Again with casual work wear, office-goers need to careful about the attire not being too revealing.

Keeping the above points in mind, one can easily choose work wear that suits this sunny weather perfectly. No more sweating about corporate work wear indeed!

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