Deciding What To Wear To A College Interview? 5 Helpful Tips

There are no preset rules as to what you should wear to a college interview.

What to wear to college Interview

As compared to job interviews, college interviews are mostly less formal.
One of the best tip to decide what to wear to a college interview is to ask the admission office who can straightforwardly tell you the desired dress code for the occasion.

Irrespective of whether you are a young boy or girl, the following points can be kept in mind while deciding what to wear to a college interview.

Keep it lightly formal: No college is going to take you to task for wearing a semi-formal dress to a college interview. So, if you a guy, there’s no need to wear a tie, but you can surely wear a buttoned shirt tucked inside. And if you are a young lady, you can always wear a modest dress, including frocks, long skirts or even a nice pair of pants. Check these tips on how to keep the interview attire business casual.

Shoes matter a lot: Sneakers are the best things you can wear to a college interview. Young ladies are advised to avoid wearing high heels sandals to college interview. And boys can always wear leather or canvas shoes for such interviews. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished.

Beware of chunky accessories: Avoid wearing fancy and noisy accessories as this can distract others. Your best accessories can be a wrist watch and maybe a wrist band or two. Girls need to keep their earnings, necklaces and other jeweleries to a minimum. It’s important to carry all your documents in a safe and tardy portfolio.

Tidy your hair: It is very important to get your hair set before any interview. Girls with long hair can tie it up in a bun or use a hair band to keep it away. Better still you can braid it. Nothing can put off college management more than unkempt hair.

Ask your parents: Many a time our parents can be a good judge and tell us if we are appropriately dressed for a college interview. If they find something obnoxious chances are the college management will also find the same. So, after you are all dressed for the college interview or are still deciding what to wear to college interview, make sure you ask your father or mother.

College interview is one of the most important interviews of our lives. And preparing well for a college interview can help us later in life when giving interview to prospective employers.

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