Excuses for Taking Time Off for an Interview

excuses for taking day off from job for interview

Most of us are always in search of new jobs, for better prospects. When there is a job search, there is an interview and for this, we have to take time off from current work place.

Here are few excuses for taking time off for an interview:

– Take a vacation day.
– Use a sick day.
– Take a couple of hours of personal time.
– Volunteer for an extra task, meeting, event, conference of some kind that involves time outside of normal work hours, then take the extra hours worked as comp time.
– Picking a friend up from the airport.
– House was burglarized.
– Plumbing problem.
– Sick child.
– Sick parent.
– Doctor’s appointment for yourself or a family member.
– Medical testing.
– You have a migraine and need to go home.
– You have a business meeting.
– Personal business.
– Appointment with an attorney to get wills.
– Financial planning appointment.

Please share excuses that you have made/heard.

By Alison Doyle, About.com

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