How not to dress up for an interview

First impression counts, and interview table is place that matters.

In order to boost your chances of getting hired, you need to make a very good first impression. You need to make sure that you project a professional image. You can achieve this by coming to your interviews wearing the appropriate outfit.

Remember that a lot of what your should wear depends on the industry you’re trying to get in. For conservative industries such as accounting, finance and law, you should opt for a simple look.

For creative industries such as advertising, graphic design, you can dress more creatively then usual by brightening up you outfit or adding some personal touch like a nice bag or stylish shoes.

Here are some important Don’ts when dressing up for an interview.

  • Do not wear flip-flops or sneakers, unless you are interviewing to be a lead singer for a rock band.
  • Do not wear underwear that are visible. This refers to bras, bra straps, briefs or boxers that are exposed or seen. It doesn’t matter if they match your outer clothing, they should still remain unseen.
  • Do not wear shorts, jeans, mini-skirts and pants that are too “low-rise” or too tight.
  • Do not wear blouses that expose your cleavage or belly.
  • Do not reveal your tattoos or piercing unless you are sure that the company has no policies against both.
  • Do not wear overpowering cologne or perfume. It can be a distraction and for all you know, your interviewer has an aversion or even worse, is allergic to strong smells.
  • Do not come to an interview with unkempt or dirty hair. Get rid of unwanted facial hair. Shave in order to look neat.
  • Do not wear obnoxious ties. Nowadays, men, especially those who are fashion-conscious, are lucky because there are many available designs for neckties. However, if you are going to an interview, make sure that the design of your tie is professional.
  • Don’t wear anything that dangles. This applies to your earrings, jewelry and necklaces that are too big, too noisy, too chunky or too many. They will not help you project a professional image. It also is distracting to hear them clank with each other every time you move your hands.
  • Don’t take your personal grooming for granted. This is part of dressing up for an interview. Good hygiene and personal grooming affects your self-confidence and shows your thoroughness in preparing for the task at hand. And in this case, your task at hand is to pass the interview and get the job you’re aiming for.

Remember that dressing for your interview is about dressing with a purpose. Use this chance to show your professionalism.

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