How to find a job at Startup?

What is a job at Startup?

Basically, a job at startup means a job in an undertaking or a company which has recently started operating and consists of very few members.

Advantages of doing a job at startup

You just got done with your studies and there you see a stack of envelopes from different organizations waiting to be opened. Among them is one envelope which is different from the rest as it is from a small startup company. At one hand you have an opportunity to work in a huge company with high pay and lots of other benefits and on the other your salary will be less and no benefits will be currently offered. Despite all these reasons, you should select a startup job and to know why, just continue reading.

startup jobsJob at startup to shape and build your personality: Since a startup company is very small having a very few number of employs, each of them will have more than one task to be done. This will make you very responsible and organized and you will learn to handle different work at once and will also learn time management.

You get exposed to different departments: As said earlier, you will be having more than one task to get done with and all these will be from different departments. For instance, you may be doing a job on a newly started newspaper company and apart from the writing task, you may also be asked to take photographs or design cover photo. So eventually, you will gain experience in not just one area but many others.

More opportunities to learn from: This didn’t really need to be mentioned but still. Though the pay will be less but the opportunities you will get to polish your talents will be worth the low pay.

Searching for a job at startup

Let your friends know about it: This is not always the best method but still informing your friends or the ones who you already know that you are looking for a job at startup. You never know who might come up with the news that they know someone having a startup company and your way will become clearer.

“\Attend startup events: There is a community of entrepreneurs you will find in every city. You just have to know the right place to search for them. Do a little research and you can find mentoring programs, network groups and innovation labs who are organizing startup events all year around. Try to remain updated about each of them and attend them to get acquainted with people who either run a startup company or have a job at startup.

Find startup companies and employs in your area: While attending more events on startup companies you will get to know about some people who must be residing in your area. Try to jot down their details as much as you can and do not forget to let them know about you. Keep in touch with them and never let them forget that there is someone out there who is seeking for a job at startup.

Approach startup companies directly: Look through the classified section in newspapers and magazines, local business journal or the best and the most convenient option is to search online. Once you get to know about such companies, approach their leaders and let them know why you are so keen to work in a startup company. The leaders of startup usually get impressed when they get to know that a person has interest in doing something different rather than the usual huge organization jobs. Maybe they may not have a vacancy in their company for the time being, but you never know you might be contacted for future job openings.

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