How to Get a Job by Building Relationships

Getting Job By Building Relationships

Although Step Brothers was a comedy movie about two lazy adults, there was one small bit of advice that came out of that movie for people who want to succeed.

When the question of why Dale dropped out of college comes up, he is quoted as saying “it’s about who you know.” Even though Dale’s father was a doctor and who he knew did not really apply for that kind of work, he was actually rather correct in his statement.

There is a lot of extra power that comes along with building the right relationships in life, and perhaps you are currently unemployed because you do not know anyone who could give you a job. After all, why would someone give you a job if they know nothing about you and have not seen you succeed in the past? When you take a look at this problem from the employer’s perspective, it becomes obvious as to why building a powerful business network is an important step in landing that perfect job.

How to Get Started with Your Job Network

Some people are simply not born with charisma and the ability to gain a lot of friends, but that does not mean that these people cannot build a job network. Although you may not have the best people skills, people are still interested in other people who know how to get things done.

If you have a certain speciality or special ability, then you need to make sure that other people know about it. By letting the world know that you have certain skills, you will be able to let the job offers come to you rather than going out to find them. Then again, finding the jobs is actually a part of networking as well.

Build Your Relationships Online

If you are someone who is not cut out to be the guy who introduces himself to 100 people every day, then perhaps you should try to build your network online.

With social media hubs such as LinkedIn becoming a hotspot for new job opportunities, it makes sense to put your name in the hat. Maybe nobody will take notice of your new resume posted on or LinkedIn, but plenty of people have already been able to use these websites to find their dream job. By taking the time to create an account and post some information about yourself and your skills on your website, you definitely are not hurting your chances of developing better relationships and finding the perfect job.

Your Relationships Can Catapult You to a Better Life

You may not think that relationships are that important when it comes to finding a job and making some money, but the fact of the matter is that Dale was right when he talked about the importance of relationships in life. If you want to be able to enter a new industry or field of work, then you need to reach out to the people who are already where you want to be. These are the people that you need to talk to if you want to be able to be like them one day. It will probably be very difficult for some people to just get started with this process, but you are only hurting your own future opportunities if you do not take action today.

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