How to get Business Process Outsourcing Jobs

How to get Business Process Outsourcing Jobs

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of hiring another company to handle its business activities such as its manufacturing or human resources tasks, and other front-end services such as customer care and technical support.

Global BPO is another related term, which means offshoring or outsourcing outside the company’s home country or primary market. BPO jobs can be classified into voice (call-center) and non-voice jobs. Business Process Outsourcing Jobs can also be categorized according to the nature of business of their corporate client.

How to get Business Process Outsourcing Jobs

Familiarize yourself with the BPO industry. If you are interested in establishing a career in BPO, it is important to understand the different areas or subsets. Information Technology (IT) outsourcing focuses on hiring a third-party company or service provider to do IT-related activities such as application development, data center operations or testing and quality assurance.

Another trend in outsourcing is KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing, which is a subset of BPO and requires greater skill, knowledge, education and expertise to handle its tasks. KPO initiatives encompass research & development, product development and legal e-discovery and other business functions. Another subset of BPO that is starting to gain attention is BTO or Business Transformation Outsourcing. BTO refers to the process of hiring another company to help transform your company by driving revenue growth, becoming more agile and responding to competitive pressures and consumer demands and improving the customer experience.

Be aware of top BPO employers. As a BPO job aspirant, you should aim to join the best. Find out who are the preferred BPO employers in your country. Who among them provide competitive salary and benefits? Which ones offer opportunities for growth? Make intelligent decisions on which BPO companies to apply to.

Create an effective CV or résumé. BPO jobs do not necessarily require high academic requirements. In general, Business Process Outsourcing Jobs are open to anyone who possess generic skills based on communication and general aptitude. Ensure that your résumé communicates your skills and your ability to learn fast while working under pressure. Include relevant trainings you’ve attended as well as tools or programs that you’ve used in your previous jobs. [Check these CV writing tips]

“Upgrade” yourself. Whether the BPO job is one of voice or non-voice, strong communication skills is a must. Upgrade yourself and improve your communication skills by taking tests, attending trainings and seminars and basically practicing your English skills. There are websites and offices that offer free or affordable English tests and trainings that will be useful for you when you start to apply to BPO job openings.

Do not get confused with the abundant Business Process Outsourcing Jobs openings around. Decide what area or category of BPO you want to get into. Although most consider business process outsourcing jobs as a way to kick-start their career path, you can actually establish a long-term career by starting at the right foot.

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