How to Resign Professionally

Resignation LetterWhatever is the reason, at one point or another in your career, you have to resign from your job.
However, it is recommended to make the process as friendly and relaxed as possible. This is indeed a small world, references do count and ending your professional relationship with an employer on a good note may be beneficial for you in the future.

Here are a few tips on how to resign professionally, and without burning bridges.

1. Communicate with your Boss: Your immediate boss should be the first person to know about your resignation. It is recommended to alert your immediate manager even before notifying your department head or HR staff. Your boss will appreciate the heads up and lead time to come up with a plan, and may also help you with any hurdles thrown up from the corporate ladder.

2. Keep your resignation letter short and sweet but professional: Resignation letters are usually a formal requirement by most companies. However, some organizations insist on a resignation letter based on specific formats that may cover your reasons for leaving the job, as well as how you are going to delegate your work and the notice period.
Make sure your resignation letter is concise, professional, and includes: the date, a formal salutation, the date of your last day, and a formal closing.

3. Brief your co-workers: here’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re “that guy” who’s out of the loop. Let your coworkers know your plans (you don’t have to give details), so no one feels left out and so rumors don’t start. Transparency and honesty are the best policies!

4. Serve your notice period with honesty and professionalism: Just because you’ve put in your two weeks doesn’t mean you’re done. Make sure you continue to carry your weight and do what’s expected of you right up until the day you leave. Showing professionalism even after you have resigned will always keep you in good books of your ex-employer.

Always leave on a good note. Don’t burn bridges.

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