How To Select Casual Workwear for Weekends

Casual Workwear for Working Women

With a growing number of 20-something becoming professional, the definition of casual workwear has also seen some changes.
Friday dressing or Weekend dressing in offices and corporate workplaces has become a topic of much discussion these days.

Casual workwear is obviously more stylish & fashionable than formal work wear but there definitely are some do’s & don’ts one needs to keep in mind.

Casual workwear can often be on the edge of being too formal. Because everyone’s in a relaxed mood, many a time people risk dressing in too informal clothing. So how’s can your Friday workwear be both casual yet acceptable in a corporate environment? Read on:

Get the right slogans: That’s right. On weekends, people often wear work shirts with slogans that can be considered outrageous in offices. So when you select a work shirt with slogan or printed text, make sure it’s not something abusive. Look for slogans that are inspiring or generally funny.

Keep it decent: This is apt for both the genders. Casual work needs to informal however, since we are going to an office and not to a party, it’s important to maintain decency. If you’re wearing a halter neck dress throw a light sweater around it. Are you an office guy wearing unbuttoned work shirt? Button it up gentleman. Wearing too “stylish” a casual work wear can distract other co-workers.

Keep it clean: This goes without explaining. While there’s no harm in repeating your last week’s workwear, make sure it’s clean and not smelling. A lot of brands today are manufacturing clothes that can be done without regular cleaning. Unless you are wearing such casual work wear, make sure it’s super clean.

Enliven it!: Has your Friday work shirt gone out of style? Are you wearing too old-fangled casual workwear accessories? It’s important for professionals to re-check the wardrobe every once a while to see their workwear has not become outdated. Often, your colleagues will hint you if you’re wearing something that’s 80s or 90s.

Last but not the least, if you are too confused about what to wear this Friday, take out that pair of blue denim jeans that fits you perfectly and team it with a crisp white work shirt and you are ready for an awesome weekend. Some things really may never go out of fashion after all.

The next time you’re checking out casual work wear, keep the above points in mind to find casual workwear that is both fun and comfortable and yet makes you look like a pro.

Here are some tips on how to select casual workwear for summers.

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