Interview Questions for Nurses

So you have found a job and have also got an interview letter from them. But you are less confident about the interview questions which will be asked. This article will help you with the interview questions for nurses.

Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

Nurse Interview QuestionsWhy did you choose nursing as your career?
This will be the first and foremost question asked during any interview. Rather than getting confused and taking too much time to think, be quick to answer this question. The interviewer must be able to see that you are really interested about your field.

Brief us about your education?

Here all you have to do is mention about all your degrees, diplomas, workshops, institute name and any work experience that you have had.

How do you manage stress?

Since nursing could be very tiring or stressful, this is one of the interview questions for nurses. Simply research over some stress management tips over the internet and speak about how you apply it in your life.

How do you keep yourself updated about the current discoveries in medicine?

Let them know that you are researching constantly on the internet and reading the latest books and magazines related to health and medicine. In addition to that, tell them that you are always keen to attend seminars and workshops and keep taking various training sessions from time to time. (And you really must be doing that, if not currently then from now onwards.)

How do you deal with rude and angry patients?

As you know, nurses come across patients with all types of manners and personality and as a nurse you have to adaptable to all kind of people and remain calm at all times. This is also one of the interview questions for nurses which if scored full at, can surely impress the interviewers. Talk about some strategies of dealing with difficult patients and give them some real life experience which you had encountered sometime in your life. This will further impress and prove your interviewer that you are truly capable of handling such patients.

Are you currently employed? If so, what was the reason for searching for another one?

This is another common interview questions for nurses. If your answer to the first question is yes then start with a good and positive answer. Don’t talk about the negative aspects of your job such as a rude boss, heavy workload, too many patients or worse could be saying that the organization wasn’t a good one. This will make your interviewers think about you as a complaining person who is not satisfied with anyone. Instead you could give reasons such as low pay or far distance from your home or job timings not suitable.

How should a nurse behave with her patients?

The answer to this question will give an outlook about your own behavior with the patients. So be sure to answer it correctly. Some of the characteristics of a nurse are to be tolerant, patient, calm, humorous so that the patient feels relaxed and must be polite when speaking to the patient. Also the nurse should know a few tactics through which she could convince her patient to take the medicine or injection if the patient is causing some trouble.

How do you think the environment of a hospital or a clinic could be made a happier one?

By keeping small plants to give a greenery look, making the place more open air with wide open windows and use of the right color themes.

Hope after reading this article you will be able to answer all the interview questions for nurses without any problem.

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