Licensing scheme for teachers in UAE

Proposals to introduce a licensing scheme for all teachers in the country are welcome and long overdue. For too long the variable standards of teaching have been tolerated by parents and school managements alike, thereby producing equally variable results among pupils and students. Now it is planned that teachers, supervisors and principals from kindergarten to Grade 12 will be given professional training.

From October 12, when the scheme first rolls out, teachers in schools in Dubai and the northern emirates will be given instruction on the national standards that have been developed in the UAE for educational purposes. Additionally, they will be assessed for certification, recruitment compensation and promotion.

As the initial number of personnel that will be assessed will exceed 10,000, it is essential that proper facilities be provided so the four-month courses can be undertaken efficiently. The idea behind the concept is to ensure not only an all-round improvement in teaching standards, but also a clearer idea to school managements exactly what level of competence the teacher, supervisor or principal has attained.

Such certification will also help to determine the remuneration to be paid – a contentious matter at any level of teaching – and hopefully standardise emoluments according to ability.

Source: Gulf News

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