Salary Negotiation Tips

salarySalary negotiation step is the last step of your job’s confirmation. Before coming on this step, you have to pass from different stages such as telephonic interview, face-to-face interview, a second interview (for which only selected candidates are called) and then a final interview in which the HR manager or your future boss talks about salary.

If you have reached on this final step of your job interviews, you must know and learn about the art of salary negotiation by understanding some valuable salary negotiation tips. An employer never offers the salary that you wish for as he is a professional person and he knows better than that how to agree you on a low salary. You must have skills to convince him to give you your desired salary.

There are some effective salary negotiation tips which will be worthwhile for you when you are going for your final interview. Some key points of these tips are as under:

You will have to remind the interviewer about your past experiences and tell them the reasons that why you are fit for this post. Don’t forget to tell them about the number of years of experience that you have got in this field. Tell them about the benefits you have given your company by achieving targets and increased sales of the company.

Don’t come directly on the exact point that how much salary they are offering you, let the interviewer talk on this point first. Your motivation and excitement for a job will be helpful in impressing your interviewer. While talking about salary negotiation, don’t bring your family matters in the discussion because professionals always keep their personal life separate from professional life and a discussion about personal problems will make a negative impact of your personality and show that you are needy.

Know about your worth and think yourself that you are matching with your desire salary. By showing him your professional skills, convince him. Keep in mind about the minimum salary that you expect and also try to know about the packages, increments and bonuses they are offering because sometimes a combination of these extra facilities such as care fuel, home allowance, medical benefits and annual bonuses may compensate your salary demands.

If you know about your worth and you have tried your best to realize him about your worth but still they are not offering you a better salary, so don’t be afraid to walk out. By this bold step, they may understand your worth that you are not needy for this job. In another case you may lose this job because of this bold step, so be prepared for it.

Don’t make this interview, a “do and die” condition. Be calm and control yourself throughout the interview. You are here to sell your communication and professional skills, so don’t make it a reason of the fight. If you keep your emotions in control so it will give a positive impact of your personality on him because, it is the most important character that a boss wants to see in his staff.

If you have carefully read the above “salary negotiation tips” so, hopefully you will convince your future boss to offer you a salary that you expected to get.

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