Top 3 tips to decide a career path

career path

Deciding on a career path and what jobs to apply for is very tricky when you are in your final year of university or you have already graduated. There are a number of factors to consider when applying for jobs and it is important not to go into this process without some thoughtful consideration about … Read more

Professional Career Development

career development partner

Are you among those thousands of people who are trying to achieve a goal, and are highly motivated? If you are losing your focus even if you are well aware of all the steps that are needed to be taken for professional career development, then you may consider an accountability partner for yourself. Professional Career … Read more

How to change a career?

Career Change

How to change career is not an easy question to be answered, especially when you have to do it in the middle of your job which is going for years and years. There could be many reasons which may have leaded you to change your job. But the important thing to consider is that you … Read more

18 Tips to Survive Reorganization, Downsizing and Recession

Survive Recession in your Job

Many companies today are under intense economic pressure. Reorganizations, takeovers, mergers, downsizings, joint ventures, and other major changes are extremely common, as companies try to grow and survive. These changes present new challenges and demands for everyone, from the C.E.O to the telephone receptionist. All members of the organization must therefore learn to cope with … Read more

Career Growth Tips

Career Growth

Probably the most hard and tough method is to get overnight progress or promotion in your job. But it is not always impossible to grow your career quickly in short time if you have all the facilities and opportunities in life. The conditions and circumstances of people differ to each other in many aspects and … Read more

20 Power Tips for Successful Career Growth

Career Growth

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort mean work. ~ Calvin Coolidge Are you feeling restrained in what you do at work? Are you unable to develop your talents? Follow these power tips for successful career growth: 1. Do more than is expected of you. Prove … Read more