8 Tips to get You Promoted


If you work in a large organization and are ambitious for career progression then here are a number of things that you can do to assist your journey. 1. Do your job well. I know that this is stating the obvious but it is the starting point. For promotion it is a necessary but not … Read more

Why We Fail Interviews?

Getting past an interview is no big deal. However, most of us still fail to convince the employer about our skills, experiences and attitude, in the interview process. Most of the job seekers fail in the interviews because they: – Didn’t research the company. Didn’t know the CEO’s name, the size of the company, their … Read more

7 tips on Negotiation Skills to avoid Workplace Conflicts

Workplace negotiation skills

Employees are the assets of an organization. They work for a particular job, sell their skills and get salary as a return. Conflicts can arise between an employer and an employee on certain issues that need to be resolved within a specified time period so as not to keep the task withholding for a longer … Read more

5 tips to cover Unemployment Gaps in your CV

unemployment gap

Not everyone is meant to work 40, 50, or 60 straight years. Not everyone gets a job at twenty and very few people get through their entire career without taking a short break, voluntary or not. We retire early, go on an extended maternity leave, join the Peace Corps, or any number of other things … Read more

How to attain Good Work Habits

good work habits

Good work habits will keep you sane as deadlines, angry customers, insistent employees or managers’ demands crop up. Here are some tips that will help you to do this. Good Work Habits • Acquire efficient work routines. Drop any routine that you find inefficient and set aside a little time each day to become more … Read more