Interview Questions For Managers

Manager Interview

It is a very good news that you have been called up for the interview and being a manager, you must have gone through tons of interviews however, you must not consider yourself as a perfectionist because in some companies, the interviews that are conducted for the managers are completely different. You must know that … Read more

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

job interview questions

Generally, interviews take place to have a thorough look at your proficient skills and how well could you build a long lasting association with the firm. Indeed, this also marks out your strengths and weaknesses as an individual and do not get annoyed if you did not pass it because there’s always a next chance … Read more

Interview Hairstyle

Hairstyle for Interviews

What sort of hairstyle would you like to adopt for an interview? Well, it is highly recommended to wear something very unique and clean and sometimes, it may also depend on the type of company you’re going to be interviewed from. Suppose, you have been called for the interview at some library, it is best … Read more

How to explain long term unemployment in job interview

long term unemployment

Unemployment is part of life – and it can sometimes stretch to months. Lets face it. When someone who has been out of the workforce for more than six months applies for a job, potential employers will have questions about that CV gap. CBS has tips on how to explain long term unemployment in a … Read more

5 tips to make great first impression in interview

Great Interview

In this competitive job market, making that first winning impression is more critical than ever. And career experts say that it’s not always what you say, but how you say it, that could make the difference in securing that coveted post. That’s because interviewers observe everything — from your facial expressions and mannerisms, to how … Read more

9 tips for dressing for Interview

Interview Dress

In today’s highly competitive job market, it is imperative for candidates to be fully prepared for an interview. This includes choosing the appropriate interview attire. The idea is to project an image to a future employer that conveys a responsible, hard working and motivated worker. And nothing says that more clearly than what you choose … Read more

How to answer retail management interview questions

retail management job

There are a number of people who are going to get interviewed for retail management position. Are you looking for retail management interview questions that are asked frequently in order to access the level of skill a person has? Then you must read out the following information. You might be curious about the answers that … Read more

Preparing For Phone Interviews

job interview on phone

Nowadays, most of the companies prefer phone interviews before conducting a face-to-face interview. There are many reasons of conducting these telephonic interviews, such as large number of candidates for a single post, selection of candidates in a short time, and may be for the judgment of communication skills and command on language of a candidate … Read more

Interview preparation tips

Interviews are probably the most nerve taking thing in the life of any person in the world, and people do need interview preparation tips. Interviews take the test of a person’s stamina and mental stability. No matter if the person taking your interview is not much of an expert even then you feel nervous while … Read more