Got a Pink Slip in UAE? Here is what to do next!

pink slip in uae

UAE expatriates who find themselves out of a job, thanks to the financial crisis, have a number of tough choices to make in the initial few days post-redundancy. Top of the list is sorting out finances, including negotiating with banks over debt repayments and loans. And with residency linked to their employment, this often means … Read more

5 Tips For Out of the Box Job Search

Job search is the most critical period of anybody’s lifetime. With bills to pay and families to support, the urgency to land a good offer right after your begin your job search is essential. However, the tenure of this job search period is unpredictable. Some people land jobs within weeks and for some it may … Read more

How to Become an Organizational Development Consultant

Organizational Development Consultant

In some countries, an Organizational Development (OD) Consultant is referred to as “Industrial-Organizational Psychologists”. OD consultants are experts who analyze an organizational or corporate environment, after which they will recommend changes to improve employee productivity and morale. Being an OD consultant usually requires a master’s degree as well as strong business experience and professional certifications … Read more