Top 20 Interview Questions for Sales Jobs

Sales jobs interview questions

Preparing for your sales job interview includes anticipating the questions that will be asked of you. It is not about “memorizing” the answers because having a scripted or practiced answer will come out as unnatural and contrived. What you need to do is think about your answers carefully. Remember that in an interview, you are … Read more

Five Tips to Ace Your Sales Job Interview

sales job interview

An interview for a sales position is like a sales call where you have to market and promote your most important product: your talent for selling. Treat yourself like a brand. What do you represent? Do you present yourself as someone who’s enthusiastic, well-connected and driven? Here are five important tips to help you ace … Read more

How to become a great Salesperson

great salesperson

You all must have got that one call from a salesperson trying to get you buy either an insurance policy or a credit card or anything else as a matter of fact. When you finally hung up, some of you end up convinced enough to buy whatever the salesperson was trying to sell while others … Read more