Do’s and Don’ts of Working From Home

Working from Home

Do’s of Working From Home Do get dressed everyday. Doing this means you are treating your business like a normal business and not just as a hobby. It creates the right mindset for productivity. Do define your workspace. Have a separate room or area dedicated to working. Separate work from home tasks. Choose a space … Read more

Business Communication Tools in the Modern World

Business Communication Tools

Business Communication Tools are an essential component of any business organization. We are now in the information age, wherein the Internet and telecommunications technology has made it so much easier, faster and more convenient to send and receive information. Some of the most common Business Communication Tools are E-mail and Instant Messaging. Here’s a rundown … Read more

Five Tips to Ace Your Sales Job Interview

sales job interview

An interview for a sales position is like a sales call where you have to market and promote your most important product: your talent for selling. Treat yourself like a brand. What do you represent? Do you present yourself as someone who’s enthusiastic, well-connected and driven? Here are five important tips to help you ace … Read more

4 Tips To Boost Your Career With Social Media

Social Media for Career Development

Social Media is a great tool to assist you in Career Development and help you in getting a new job. Here are 4 great tips to boost your Career with Social Media: 1. Build your brand. Establish a brand for yourself online — when people browse your social media presence, they will get a sense … Read more

5 Tips for Students using Facebook for Job Search

Facebook for Jobs

Facebook takes many forms: it’s a social network, a photo album, and a game platform, among other things. However, Facebook may soon become another entity to its users: a job search site. While there is no official jobs tool within the online platform yet, there are ways for students and recent graduates to use the … Read more

5 Common Productivity Mistakes You Might Be Making

productivity mistakes

People are always finding ways to be more productive — thousands of online articles and self-help books about various productivity hacks are a testament to that. These tips and techniques can be extremely useful, especially for remote workers who need a bit more self-discipline and control. However, if these techniques don’t seem to be working … Read more

How to create a Social Resume

Social Resume

Social Resume is basically a collection of your social media profiles in a presentable form. Due to the immense popularity of Social Media, employers and recruiters are now looking out for candidates with a strong social media presence, hence the birth of Social Resume. Your Social Resume can consist of your profile on Social Media … Read more

How to Get a Job by Building Relationships

Getting Job By Building Relationships

Although Step Brothers was a comedy movie about two lazy adults, there was one small bit of advice that came out of that movie for people who want to succeed. When the question of why Dale dropped out of college comes up, he is quoted as saying “it’s about who you know.” Even though Dale’s … Read more