Working as an Online Post Secondary Teacher

Online Post Secondary Teacher

Online teaching is simply put distance education where the tutor and the learners get to meet and learn “online”, that is, through the internet. Online education typically includes teachers and students communicating via emails, webcam, video chat etc for instruction. Internet has practically opened the doors for global teaching and learning as in online education … Read more

Top 9 Recession Proof Careers

As the world is getting into another round of recession, it is important for us to realize what Careers and skills are recession proof. Reader’s Digest has compiled a list of nine careers that they consider as recession proof. Although this list is complied according to US market, it stands true for more or less … Read more

149 Questions and Answers to Ace Your Teacher Interview

ace your teacher interview

The 224 pages book titled Ace Your Teacher Interview thoughtfully written by Anthony D. Fredericks has been an informative guide for youngsters and professionals alike who would like to step into the field of teaching. Being a teacher not only involves a lot of responsibility but it also entails a serious amount of pressure and … Read more