Six Interview Questions You Must Have Answers For

answering interview questions

There are some interview questions which are asked by almost every other employer, and whose answers are very much critical for your selection. Normally candidates either duck these questions and give unsatisfactory responses, leading to their exit from the game. BizAims had the questions and their answers, as follows: Six Interview Questions You Must Have … Read more

Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs in 2018

Whether you are a fresh graduate or already employed looking for better prospects, here are the top highest paying jobs in 2018 for you. Software Developers (Applications and Systems Software) A new study has revealed software development as the highest paying, fastest growing careers. Software development jobs grew 7% or more in the last 3 years, … Read more

How to Train for a New Career?

train for new career

If you are planning to switch your career in the near future then before you start it, you ought to train for a new career.   Field of education You can only switch to those careers which are related to your field. You cannot expect to start practicing as a doctor if you have got … Read more

Leadership Skills with Organizational Leadership Training

Organizational Leadership Training

It is an accepted fact that college or school itself is not enough to totally equip an individual with important leadership skills. You may be a graduate of one of the top schools in your country, but if you have no experience in critical thinking, managing and leading teams in an organizational setting, then you … Read more

Management Training: An Overview

management training

Managers face various challenges in supervising people and managing systems and projects, and management training prepares them for this. Some companies conduct their own management training through workshops or seminars. Others send their management staff to conferences or external courses. Some companies choose to hire professional trainers to conduct weekly sessions on various management and … Read more