Be your own boss in your own home!

Be your own boss

Having your own business right at your own home offers a lot of advantages. You suddenly have a newfound freedom, you get to keep the money you make, you have more time for family and friends, opportunities for personal growth and increased productivity. On the financial side, there is less risk as compared to franchising … Read more

Career Counselling for Students

career counselling

Career counseling is another name for career coaching, is a term used for focusing over serious issues like future exploration, change in career and aspects pertaining to it. Career Counselling is essential for students to prepare them for the practical life as soon as the graduate out of schools. As we grow up, we pass … Read more

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

The word presentation means to present yourself in the finest manner so that others may ponder over your point and know your message once it is conveyed. Generally, we see this skill is adopted by the students at universities as some courses include regular presentations which terrifically enhances the confidence level and proves that you … Read more