10 Small Business Ideas for 2018

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Every passing year is unfolding numerous business horizons for people. No matter how small an idea or how big of an enterprise, changing times are also changing the way businesses operate. Today, we see countless small businesses operating with very little capital but yielding great turnovers. So do you want to step into the bandwagon … Read more

Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs in 2018

Whether you are a fresh graduate or already employed looking for better prospects, here are the top highest paying jobs in 2018 for you. Software Developers (Applications and Systems Software) A new study has revealed software development as the highest paying, fastest growing careers. Software development jobs grew 7% or more in the last 3 years, … Read more

Top 10 Jobs for Students in 2018

Top 10 Jobs for Students

As a student it is important to learn to make as well as manage money well. A majority of students in universities find themselves short of funds with having to manage partying, buying food, paying for the accommodation, purchasing study books all at once. Sooner or later it is a good idea to find a … Read more

10 tips for future proof career development

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This article is aimed for Employers, interested in personal and career development of their employees in order to retain best talent at their work places. If you are working for someone, read on to gain an insight on what career development is all about. 1. Provide incentives for employees to go on a meditation retreat. … Read more

How to Improve Interpersonal Relationships at Work

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When a team is composed of individuals coming from very different backgrounds, how they get along each other is affected because of their different perceptions in leadership, education, personal experiences, ethnicity, political preferences etc. Others are task-oriented, while others are more people-oriented when it comes to their working style. Personality clashes and differences in background … Read more

Tips for Data Entry Work From Home

Data Entry Work From Home

Freelancing and online part-time jobs based at home are becoming more in demand. With the advent of internet technology, opportunities in virtual data entry jobs are everywhere. However, you need to be careful—you need to find data entry jobs from legitimate sources.   Once you realize that you have the discipline, commitment and skills to … Read more

Life Lessons That Come While Working Abroad

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The learned often say that globetrotting comes with the most significant of life lessons. Well, they are nearly correct in making that claim. One can’t simply expect for life to be in its true colors just by working within a confined space. It takes a tad bit of travelling and working among global practices for … Read more

Landing a Job in Logistics: Tricky Business With a Simple Drill

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With a major share of the population going for job options in prominent fields like sales, marketing and finance, the visibility of other alternatives seems to be mellowed down by a modicum. But, some job options seem to entice us, in spite of their popularity being bleak. One such alternative to consider is an employment … Read more