Top 9 Video Interview Tips

Do you have a remote interview? Are you looking for some video interview tips? Look no further. Covid-19 has changed many things – job interview is one of them. These days, businesses have shifted from physical to virtual realms. Most of the interviews are held virtually over the internet and across great distances. That’s why … Read more

Why We Fail Interviews?

Getting past an interview is no big deal. However, most of us still fail to convince the employer about our skills, experiences and attitude, in the interview process. Most of the job seekers fail in the interviews because they: – Didn’t research the company. Didn’t know the CEO’s name, the size of the company, their … Read more

Top Phone Interview Tips

Phone Interviews

It is easy to be interviewed from a phone call, as you only need to focus upon what you are being asked to conduct a successful interview via a phone call or else you might make countless complications for you. Not usually, however, sometimes the employer may use a phone for recognizing and recruiting the … Read more