What do big women wear for an interview? 5 tips for Plus size women

What do big women wear for an interview?

It is important to dress according to one’s body type. And even more so during an interview. Plus size women often struggle with choosing clothes which give that flattering look. The good news is that there are a lot ways to appear thinner. Here are 5 dressing options plus size women consider while getting ready … Read more

149 Questions and Answers to Ace Your Teacher Interview

ace your teacher interview

The 224 pages book titled Ace Your Teacher Interview thoughtfully written by Anthony D. Fredericks has been an informative guide for youngsters and professionals alike who would like to step into the field of teaching. Being a teacher not only involves a lot of responsibility but it also entails a serious amount of pressure and … Read more

34 Crucial Interview Tips for Your Next Job Interview

In a survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers, 33% claimed to know whether or not they would hire someone within 90 seconds. You can be one of those candidates by following these crucial interview tips. Common nonverbal mistakes made during job interviews 67% fail to make eye contact 47% have little knowledge of the … Read more

What to Do If You’re Stumped During an Interview

stumped interview

‘So tell us a little about yourself?’ interviewer asks. ‘Ummm.. I…Uhhh….’ This muttering and silence is not only excruciating but its extremely embarrassing as well. Being stumped in an interview not only makes you panic but it also makes you nervous for further questions, leaving a bad impression on the interviewer. This silence can be … Read more

Worst Interview Answers

We stutter in interviews, palms get sweaty, heart starts throbbing so fast that you feel like it’ll burst out into the lap of the interviewer but the worst is to make blunders while answering. This is why it’s extremely important to make sure that the words that come our of your mouth, if not completely … Read more

Infographic: How to become a Physical Therapist

Do you have the passion to help people and give a better life to someone suffering from the after effects of a medical ailment? Well, there are aplenty healthcare jobs out there that serve humanity to its best; one of the being that of a physical therapist. Physical therapist helps patients recover smoothly and quickly … Read more

Top 5 interview questions to ask an employer

How long have you prepared to ‘answer’ all the interview questions that you’re anticipating to be thrown at you in the upcoming interview? You might have spend hours! However, what we usually miss out on is the opportunity of interview questions to ask an employer. Are you wondering how can you prepare for something so … Read more

How To Dress Up For An Interview

Dress for success, they said. Dress to impress, they said! Not only is it extremely important to dress up for an interview at your best but it is also equally important to make sure that you leave the best first impression with your personality. However, most people tend to find themselves in a grey area when … Read more