Top 10 IT Technicians Interview Questions and Answers

Are you getting ready for a IT technical interview and desperate to find IT Technicians interview questions? Look no further.

If you are an IT professional and looking for IT Technician job posts, going to your scheduled job interview prepared is important.

Anticipate questions and prepare to answer them intelligently.

To put things in perspective, let us define what an IT Technician is.

Top 10 IT Technicians Interview Questions and AnswersAn IT Technician is a professional who has studied computer science and is tasked to install and remove software from a company’s computer systems and networks.
IT Technician takes care of user networks by diagnosing and repairing technical issues, as well as planning, designing, implementing and administering user networks for companies.

Job opportunities for IT Technicians are found everywhere. Majority of today’s businesses are highly dependent on computers and automation which steadily increases the demand for IT Technicians.

Listed below are some of the most common IT Technicians interview questions.

1. What desktop operating systems are you familiar with?
Well! I am familiar with Windows operating system on my desktop computer. Basically I am using Windows 8 on my desktop pc and this version of windows is the latest and best version of Windows operating system.

2. Have you used any software distribution tools? If so, which ones and how were they used?
Yes I use WinInstall the latest software distribution tool for my windows operating system. Basically WinInstall provides latest features for better and consistent user interaction. It is a perfect easy to use windows application that can package .exe files (Executable Files) for distribution.

3. Can you describe to me the extent of your experience, if any, as a desktop support? What do you like most about desktop support? What do you like the least about it? If you do not have desktop support experience, what do you think are the important skills one must have in order to be successful in it?
By having the access to the company whom computer products we are using like it may be software or hardware etc. is called desktop support. What really the good thing about desktop management for me is to perform all the challenging tasks impressively like working with new people in different domains and to understand their problems and the environment where they are working. Also through this we can be able to learn new operating systems and their configurations.

What I feel a least thing about desktop management is the following: Sometimes we totally understand the user’s system configuration, operating system and the fault in the system but suddenly we fail to resolve the system’s fault or trouble just because of any hardware failure like assume the hard disk of the system will be heat up and can’t be able to load anything on your PC.

4. When you solve a desktop problem, do you prefer to work with the end-user, your peers, or on your own?
Well! Definitely I’ll first of all prefer myself to solve the desktop problem as I will apply all my experience and skills to solve that specific desktop issue and I believe that a person should first try his/her best to solve the desktop problem if he/she really knows how to solve the matter? But when I’ll feel that now I can’t solve it myself then I’ll prefer to work with a group with end users, vendors and peers.

5. How important is lifelong learning to you and how do you apply this in learning new technologies?
Lifelong learning is always of real importance for a technical person who wants to become successful in his field. So for me it’s always of 100% importance. And I don’t only learn new technologies but more importantly I apply all my new learning technologies in solving various matters and issues of people’s desktop pc. For me theory is nothing without practical so I prefer practical work with new learning.

6. If you receive three simultaneous calls from three Senior Vice Presidents of the company needing immediate IT assistance, how will you handle this situation? Which one will you prioritize?
Well as a matter of fact I am always a good time manager. I always perform all my daily’s task by prioritizing my daily activities. So definitely I’ll look at all 3 Senior Vice Presidents issues then I will prioritize all three tasks in a way so that I can save time and in a better way I can solve the problems of all these 3 people. But it depends upon the problems. Like my 1st priority is to solve an easy and trivial task, then 2nd slightly tough task then as compare with the 1st one and similarly I’ll do the 3rd one which I’ll think that it will take much time.

IT Technician7. How do you deal with users who keep on misdiagnosing their PC issues?
In this situation I will need to be extremely attentive while acknowledging the user’s diagnosis. Then I will ask them to produce the same problem again and this way judging my user very carefully I will surely find a meaningful and definite solution that perfectly works.

8. When isolating or troubleshooting a user’s PC problem, what questions do you usually ask?
Well based on my skills and previous practice I usually ask the following described some of the questions:
– Who uses this system?
– When the problem did exactly starts?
– Did the system work properly before the problem occurred?
– What new hardware or software you have installed recently?

9. What kind of virus issues have you encountered before? What did you do to prevent these virus attacks?
Well based on my previous work experience I have encountered with different viruses like some virus affect the system by means of inserting a flash drive usb (universal serial bus), infected memory card reader, internet downloads and such other factors etc.

To overcome such troubles I always use an anti-virus program. I have separate antivirus for u.s.b and card readers and also for secure internet download. I always update my antivirus software so it can not only detect the viruses but also remove all those viruses which causes great disturbances for our computers.

10. If I were to ask you to come up with a set of guidelines for implementing security at user level, what would be your suggestions?
Well then there will be many suggestions from my side like to maintain the user level security there should be strong mechanisms for storing the password and there should be finger print sensors as well within the user’s pc. Only authorized operating system user can logged in to use the system and there will be many others etc.

Remember that aside from your technical know-how, your ability to work with others and your customer service skills will also be evaluated. IT Technicians interview questions may also include behavioral questions and questions intended to determine your attitude towards working others. Do not memorize your answers as it will come out contrived. Come prepared, answer intelligently and be natural.

The above mentioned IT Technicians interview questions will only serve as a guide, the rest will be up to you.

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