Top 10 Jobs for Students in 2018

Top 10 Jobs for StudentsAs a student it is important to learn to make as well as manage money well. A majority of students in universities find themselves short of funds with having to manage partying, buying food, paying for the accommodation, purchasing study books all at once.

Sooner or later it is a good idea to find a suitable job for a small yet steady source of income which will also look impressive on your resume. Of course, the biggest concern is that your job doesn’t clash with your lecture schedules.


Thankfully, these days there are more avenues for jobs for students which allow for a perfect (well at least a good) balance between studies and work and your social life too. Jobs for students can be both full-time and part time (which is what you’ll prefer) and many work as interns, assistants and helpers in retail shops.

Top 10 Jobs for Students:

1. Lab/Library Assistant: You’ll get to learn and assist superiors and while in library you can get easy access to a lot of study material as well.

2. Retail attendant: If you love to help people try and decide on a dress, shoe or make-up you this job is ideal for you. Needless to say, you’ll get to handle a variety of customers!

3. Front office attendant: Ideal if you like to meet and greet people as well as answer a lot of random phone calls. The job is usually not very tiring and you can learn a lot of people-skills as well.

4. Barista/Cafeteria Attendant: You can earn a decent income here and the job doesn’t sweat you off.

5.Event-marketing: This is an exciting job option as you’ll need to make a lot of outdoor meetings and coordinate with professionals from other companies for the events.

6. Server/hardware assistant: If you are learning coding or hardware management in university this is just the right job for you. You can get to learn a lot of hardware maintenance tips and tricks during this stint.

7. Exam proctor: As an exam invigilator you may not be paid very highly but it sure is enough for the job it involves you doing – simply monitoring people taking the exam.

8.Online surveys: There are great job opportunities for students to make money online by taking surveys, filling forms etc. Just make sure you sign up with a bone-fide website.

9. Delivery agent: The job requires more physical strength and stamina. Go for it if you are physically fit to run around a lot handing out leaflets or delivering catalogues at door-steps.

10. Baby-sitting: The all time popular job among students is perfect if you none of the above mentioned jobs interest you! And if you like to patiently take care of children.

There you go – students these days have extensive opportunities to find some work to sustain themselves. Really, no other phase of life teaches the value of managing money and budgeting more than a student’s life!

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