Top 9 Recession Proof Careers

Top 9 Recession Proof CareersAs the world is getting into another round of recession, it is important for us to realize what Careers and skills are recession proof. Reader’s Digest has compiled a list of nine careers that they consider as recession proof. Although this list is complied according to US market, it stands true for more or less every economy in the world.

1. Education: Math and science teachers will be in demand as the U.S. struggles to compete with other countries in engineering, technology, and medicine. A growing immigrant population means more English-as-a-second-language classes will be needed.

Postsecondary teachers – Median salary: $56,120 Education: bachelor’s degree and often a master’s or doctorate
Teacher assistants – Median salary: $21,580 Education: some post-secondary education or vocational training
Educational, vocational, and school counselors – Median salary: $49,450 Education: secondary education, associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s.

2. Energy: Some of the jobs in this field are the result of projects started a year or more ago. But the real boost will come from the new administration’s commitment to a more efficient national energy system.

Power plant operators – Median salary: $56,640 Education: vocational training and several years of on-the-job training

Insulation workers – Median salary: $31,280 Education: secondary education and vocational training
Electrical power-line installers and repairers – Median salary: $52,570 Education: vocational training and several years of on-the-job training

3. Environment: Green is getting the green light in a nationwide push to make homes and office buildings more energy-efficient and to develop alternative energy sources (solar, wind, nuclear) as well as fuel cell technology.

Environmental scientists – Median salary: $58,380 Education: master’s
Environmental engineers – Median salary: $72,350 Education: bachelor’s
Hydrologists – Median salary: $68,140 Education: master’s

4. Financial Services: Rising from the ashes of a very bad year, financial services have a bright future. Corporate America’s wretched excesses mean more government regulation. Workers who are retiring will need advice on how to make their money last. Small businesses may outsource accounting services.

Financial advisers – Median salary: $67,660 Education: bachelor’s
Accountants and auditors – Median salary: $57,060 Education: bachelor’s
Sales agents (securities and commodities) – Median salary: $68,430Education: bachelor’s

5. Government: More than half a million federal employees will retire by 2016, leaving open positions at agencies from the CIA to AmeriCorps to NASA. There will also be opportunities at the state and local levels.

Government property inspectors – Median salary: $48,400 Education: vocational training, associate’s or bachelor’s
Immigration and customs inspectors – Median salary: $59,930 Education: bachelor’s
Urban and regional planners – Median salary: $57,970Education: master’s

6. Health Care: Health care pops up at the top of just about every list of hot careers. All of us are getting older and living longer, sometimes with chronic health conditions.

Registered nurses – Median salary: $60,010Education: associate’s or bachelor’s
Dental assistants – Median salary: $31,550Education: secondary education, plus a few months to one year of on-the-job training
Medical records and health information technicians – Median salary: $29,290 Education: associate’s

7. International Business: Corporations, consulting firms, nonprofits, and even governments are going after global markets. People with international expertise, foreign-language skills, or a willingness to move abroad will be in demand. “

Interpreters and translators – Median salary: $37,490 Education: bachelor’s
International management analysts – Median salary: $71,150 Education: bachelor’s or master’s
Market research analysts – Median salary: $60,300 Education: bachelor’s or master’s

8. Law Enforcement: International terrorism makes daily headlines, and fear of financial insecurity is matched only by concern for our physical safety.

Probation officers – Median salary: $44,510 Education: bachelor’s
Court reporters – Median salary: $45,330 Education: postsecondary vocational training
Paralegals – Median salary: $44,990Education: associate’s degree in paralegal studies

9. Technology: New uses of technology in services and products like electronic health records mean that this sector will continue to be strong.

Computer systems analysts – Median salary: $73,090 Education: bachelor’s
Network systems and data communications analysts – Median salary: $64,600 Education: bachelor’s
Computer, ATM, and office machine repairers – Median salary: $37,100 Education: high school or vocational training

From: Reader’s Digest

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