Top Careers in Finance

Careers in Finance

When weighing the top careers in Finance, one must take into consideration different factors: the nature of the job, compensation, opportunities for growth, career development, work-life balance etc.

If you love numbers, there are many careers in finance waiting for you. The following careers have made it to the list of best jobs in finance given out by different publications worldwide:

1. Financial Advisers are like life coaches, but instead of helping you with your life, they help you with your money. They advise their clients on budgeting, saving for retirement, paying off debts, investing, etc. This position offers other career paths as well, such as working for large financial service firms, solo practitioner, or advisory firms. They work closely with insurance, tax and estate industries. Statistics say that impending retirements will create an increase in demand for advisory services.

2. Investment Bankers work in highly stressful environments. They have a fast-paced career and they juggle multiple projects and multiple clients. Investment bankers advise their clients on high level financial issues, such as managing bond issuance, mergers and acquisition strategies. On an even bigger scale, investment bankers help shape the country’s economy by managing mergers (or buy-outs) of many multi-million companies and investments. Generally, investment bakers have post-graduate degrees or at least an MBA under their belts. They have strong backgrounds financial and economics.

3. Corporate Financial Analysts are responsible for cash management of the organization. Careers in business finance help decision makers in interpreting the “numbers”. They advise on new markets and spending time and energy in expansions. They are in demand in both good and bad times of the economy.

4. Insurance Agents provide a high potential in passive income but it has a good and bad side to it—the negative reputation that comes with hardselling insurance salesmen and working within odd hours are something that you need to get used to. If you have strong analytical skills as well as passion for sales and marketing, then this field is for you.

5. Retail Bankers are very common in the finance area. This also refers to consumer banking. If you choose the field of retail banking, you will be dealing with consumer banking products and services such as credit cards, personal loans, savings account and such.

Finance careers offer a lot of options. You need to think long and hard when you start on a certain field. Strong management and organizational skills must accompany your skills in numbers and analysis. Look over the abovementioned top careers in finance and start planning your career in finance!

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