Top Careers in Marketing

Marketing Careers

Marketing has evolved so much during must few decades that marketing job descriptions now cover everything from engineering to planning and from human resources management to software development.

The following top careers in marketing are the fastest growing, most satisfying and best paying jobs within the field of marketing.

E-commerce & Digital Marketing Specialists. Jobs related to e-commerce are tremendous because companies nowadays fight for online dominance. Internet technology has affected the consumers’ purchasing habits and e-commerce marketing specialists want to tap on this. Companies are looking for that person who knows traditional marketing as well as online marketing strategies.

International Marketing Executives. Companies hire—and compensate well—marketing officers to plan and direct international marketing initiatives that capture the market’s attention. International marketing executives must have a grasp of different cultural marketing channels.

Media Planners. Media planning involves working with advertising agencies, media planning firms and buying agencies to enable their clients to maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns through the effective use of television, radio, press, and other newer forms of media such as the internet. As a media planner, you need to apply your knowledge of media and communication platforms to identify the most appropriate vehicle for building awareness of your client’s brand.

Public Relations Executive. Companies need someone to manage the information that goes to and fro the company and the public. PR Executives and PR Managers help an organization maintain a positive public image through the use of different forms of media. If you have outstanding interpersonal skills for both one-one-one or with large groups, you may be perfect for this job. Here are eight tips to recession proof your PR Career.

Brand Managers. Identity is important for any product in today’s competitive marketplace and brand managers help to create a lasting impression among consumers thus improving product sales and market share. From generating names of products to preparing related literature to making sure that they are compliant with government regulations, brand managers are there to oversee them all.

The potential for marketing careers to be high paying jobs, which includes travel and other non-financial benefits, is high. Take a close look at the various fields of marketing and see which ones match your qualifications and personality. Marketing is made up of many facets and it can take you to many different directions. Potential for career growth is unlimited. Thus, careers in marketing remain to be desired by job applicants.

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