Top 9 Video Interview Tips

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Do you have a remote interview? Are you looking for some video interview tips? Look no further.

Covid-19 has changed many things – job interview is one of them. These days, businesses have shifted from physical to virtual realms. Most of the interviews are held virtually over the internet and across great distances.

That’s why some practical video interview tips might be helpful to secure the awesome job that you have applied for.

Dress up aptly

Since it’s a remote interview, you have little limitations on the choice for your interview spot. If you give it at a restaurant or café – which is highly unlikely – then make sure you don’t wear your casual tees and jeans.

It’s most probable that you choose the comfort of your home for the interview. You may want to put on a hybrid of office suits and pajamas. But that’s not a professional way to deal with an interview, even if the interviewer can’t see your trousers.

You must dress up like you would for a normal in-person interview. The way you dress has a great impact on your overall behavior. You will not feel confident in front of the camera in a casual outfit. If you don’t get into that formal mindset, you may mess up your video interview.

Look them in the ‘camera’

You may be tempted to look at your face on the screen on and on to make sure that you don’t have any lock of hair swinging wayward, or your lipstick fading off – but…!

You have to resist.

Your looks, makeup, hair, etc., all have to be done before the interview starts.

If you are camera shy, train yourself to look into the camera while engaging in a video call.

Check your timings

It is not uncommon that the interviewer and the interviewee may belong to different time zones. If this situation sounds like yours, then you ought to pay heed to this one.

You must confirm the timings of your interview. There are different software programs to help you schedule an interview taking place across different time zones. Or you can simply calculate the time in your head.

Choose a professional username

A professional username is just as important as dressing professionally. A silly username will give off a very informal and unprofessional vibe right at the beginning of your interview. The best practice is to use your actual name. If the name in your documents and your username are the same, it gives a very positive impression.

Be an early bird

Being online early leaves the interviewer with the impression that you are an ardent person with a zeal to work. It helps to gain the recruiter’s trust as regards the job. Getting online early also helps to make sure that there is no technical fault in your internet connection or devices.

Be clear on any likely disruption

This is one of the most important video interview tips. In video interviews, there is a high chance of disruption for various reasons. You should always have a plan B. It comes in handy in case of any disturbance.

You can discuss with your interviewer that if such a scenario arises, you should either switch to a voice call or arrange the interview at some other time.

Make sure your software application works fine

There are multiple software programs for conducting online meetings for interviews or other remote interactions. It is better to be mindful of which is more efficient.

You can test the software application by having a dummy meeting with your friends, just so that the software does not seem new to you when the actual interview takes place. Most of these programs are easy to use but it’s better to get a hang of it earlier.

Set up good interviewing space

Imagine you are in the middle of an interview and boom! Someone in the background comes screaming in.

Well, that’s definitely going to make you very uncomfortable and the interview might just go very awkward.

To prevent such situations, inform your family members or room mates in advance.

Posture and gestures

Body postures and gestures play an important role in interviews. even if the interview is remote, your body posture should be proper and formal. Try to sit straight and keep your wits about you.

Moreover, a smile on your face adds charm to your personality. Lastly, you must show the interviewer that you are paying attention to them and their queries, for which a nod, once in a while, helps a great lot.

Do you have a remote interview tip or story to share? Feel free to respond in the comments.

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