Trusted and Empowered? 6 Ways to Get Your Boss To Trust You

Having major trust issues with your bosses? Feel like you’re not wholly relied on and that other people seem to take the cake when you’re sitting in doubt? Well then, it’s time to up your sleeves and gear up to win the trust battle with the bosses! You may think it’s difficult but in reality, only a few steps can help you rank in front of the bosses.

gain your boss's trust

Here are a few ways from that can help you get your trust back and feel empowered;

Tips to Win Your Boss’s Approval

  • Do your job as well as possible at all times. This, at first, may seem obvious, but everyone has bad days. The key is to never let those down days affect your work performance. If you pay attention, you will learn that many of your co-workers forget this simple, but critical, tip to please your boss.
  • Get to know your supervisor. This can be challenging or relatively easy, depending on your boss’s personality. Whether you have a heart-to-heart, one-on-one talk or must learn by observation only (more difficult), getting to know your boss helps you communicate effectively with him/her.
  • Commit to making your boss’s work life easier. Your help and support is vital to winning your supervisor’s trust. Assisting and supporting your boss’s efforts and goals is the most valuable single thing you can do to earn a special place in your supervisor’s life.
  • Exhibit loyalty daily. Be a dedicated employee—to your job and your boss. Never spread or participate in “boss gossip” at work. Never, ever. If an issue arises that may cause problems, talk to your supervisor first to solve the road block. Do not go around him/her, without first talking about the situation.
  • Treat your boss as you would your team coach. As Ms. Attridge recommends, “Make your boss’s priorities your priorities.” Develop a total team attitude, with your supervisor as your team leader. What’s important to him/her should be supremely important to you.
  • Volunteer for tough projects and challenging assignments. Most managers like nothing more than a willing, eager and dedicated employee who is not afraid to take on extra work. However, a word of caution: Do not take on more than you can handle with expertise and energy. Failures tend to take on a life of their own, even making one forget that you were a volunteer.
  • Identify problem solutions. For reasons that should be obvious, bosses hold problem solvers in the highest regard. Do more than just identify a problem. While this is important, it’s more important to your boss—and your career—if you also create solutions to problems.
  • Display an interest in things your boss is passionate about. For example, if your boss is devoted to golf, reading, coaching, sailing, painting or charitable work, learn something about this passion. Unless your supervisor is a totally private person, you’ll learn what he/she loves to do when away from the office. Get some knowledge and share it when appropriate with your supervisor. This can create a solid connection to your boss.
  • Think about and share your long-term interest in the company and its future. Learn about long-term company goals and objectives. Share this knowledge with your boss and express your interest in these goals. Also, share how you might contribute to their achievement.

More than merely “psyching out the professor,” these tips bring added value to your job, as well as your boss. The more you repeat these behaviors, the closer they are to becoming part of your professional personality.

In addition to increasing your odds of being considered for promotion and making your boss’s life easier, your career may leap to the fast track. The trust and support you’ll earn from your boss may prove invaluable to your work future.

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