What do you do if you hate your job?

Hate my Job

You hate your job. The mere thought of waking up to go to work gives you a sudden ache in the pit of your stomach. Your heart races and you think of resignation, but you have bills to pay and the job market is not that great for your line of work. So you decide to stay in your job, if only for awhile. A lot of people face the same problem. Some give up, some stay, and some actually do something about it…

1. Do not announce it to the whole world. If you need to pour out your feelings, keep it to your family and close friends. There’s no point in letting your whole office know that you feel miserable in your job. It will just create negative vibes for you and the rest of your team.

2. Determine the cause. Try to recall when you started having negative feelings towards your job. Try to pinpoint which facet you hate. Is it your task? Your boss? Your colleagues? Your office environment? Your commute to the office? If you don’t know why you feel miserable in your job, you will forever be stuck in it– you don’t know the root cause, therefore, you won’t be able to figure out the best solution.

3. Improve personal relationships in the office. This is the chance to make your daily work experience more enjoyable. Most people who hate their jobs stay because of their colleagues. Improve your friendships at work, and make new ones. If possible, be a mentor to newer or younger colleagues. Having good relationships at work encourages you to get more involved, and before you know it, you don’t mind going to work any more. Learn how to improve your organization skills.

4. Think about the job you really want. If it’s neither the company nor the colleagues that you hate, then it’s probably the job. So what kind of job do you really want? What will make you excited? Do you want to change careers? Have you looked at job vacancies in other departments? Think about it carefully. Look before you leap.

5. Manage your stress. Sometimes, it’s the stress or fatigue that makes us feel miserable. Learn how to achieve work-life balance. If your office environment or your colleagues stress you out, learn to make a “shield” so they won’t affect you. Take time out to unwind. Do take up a hobby and give it your best efforts.

Being miserable in your job is unhealthy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make small changes. And it’s actually these small changes that will make a big difference. Set a deadline. If all your efforts fail, then it’s time to quit. But do it in the right way, and make sure you’re ready for the consequences.

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