Women Interview Attire – 6 Tips on how women make an impression in Interview

Getting ready for an interview and searching for tips on women interview attire? Look no further. We have compiled a list of tips on women interview attire to help you make an impression in interview.

A face-to-face interview is your very first opportunity to make a favorable impression on your prospective employer. Your interview attire plays a big role in the selection process. Interestingly, irrespective of the culture in different parts of the world, interview attire for women has some common do’s and don’ts.

Women Interview Attire

Women interview attire needn’t be boring and at the same time it shouldn’t be very revealing either.

women interview attire
Women Interview Attire – 6 Tips on how women make an impression in Interview

Quick, effective and important tips on selecting women interview attire:

1. Wear formal: Needless to say, women interview attire has to be formal. Formal wear for women varies from skirt and suits in the west to saris and salwars in the eastern countries. Make sure you wear the attire that is considered most professional in your region.

2. Fit and length: Now, wearing formal attire may not be sufficient in itself. Is your shirt too tight? Or your skirt too short? The fit, cut and length of your dress need to be impeccable. Make sure you get your dress altered to fit you neither too loose nor too tight. In case you are in doubt, its best to keep the skirt four fingers below the knee. And the gaps in between the buttons of your shirt should be pinned from inside.

3. Colors matter: Colors can make or break women interview attire. As a thumb rule its best to use colors that are considered neither very girly, nor very dull. Again if you are in a hurry, remember that some of the most professional colors are – black, grey, brown, peach and shades of the same.

4. Shoes: Women interview attire needs to be flawless from top to toe. Slippers and flip-flops are best avoided in interview attire. Most recommended shoes for women attending interviews include – pumps and box heels. Black and brown shoes go with most dresses and almost never fail.

5. Jewellery and accessories: These form an important component of women interview attire. chunky,flashy or dangling jewelleries should be avoided at any costs. Your goal here is to appear neat and professional and not someone who is ready for a party. A pearl necklace looks superb with formal attire. Carry a small bag or portfolio to keep your important documents etc.

6. Make-up: of course, women interview attire is not fully completed without some makeup. Because, most interviews are conducted in day, it is good to put on day wear makeup. As with other things in the interview attire, your makeup should be toned down to look well groomed as well as professional.

Other points to consider while selecting women interview attire:

• Clothes must be washed and ironed before you put them on for your interview.
• Check for any loose stitches or hemming.
• Clean and polish your shoes prior to going for the interview.
• Use a fragrance, that is mild yet smells fresh.
• Check yourself in the mirror before stepping out.

Making use of the above mentioned tips on women interview attire you can appear professional, confident and well-dressed for your face-to-face round. Last but not the least, it’s important to note that the interviewer will not judge you solely on your attire. Make sure your attitude also conveys as positive a vibe as your attire. And remember you are not fully dressed until you put on your best smile!

Here are some more dressing and interview attire tips for Women. Read and be successful in your interview.

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