Interview Questions for Restaurant Managers

Restaurant Management and Operations Studies show that over half of all restaurants fail within the first three years after opening. Running a successful food service operation requires a significant commitment. Below is a list of interview questions for restaurant managers.

Interview Questions for Restaurant Managers
Interview Questions for Restaurant Managers

Interview Questions and Answers for Restaurant Managers

Define yourself

This may seem to be the simplest question when asked by a friend but it turns to be equally difficult when asked by an interviewer. Basically you just have to describe yourself the way the interviewer should find you a suitable candidate for the job.

Do you have a passion for food?

Your answer to this is supposed to be yes. You should show a keen interest in food and its varieties. Tell them that you have got sensitive taste buds to recognize every spice and ingredient used in making a dish. You take care about the food being hygienic before getting it served to the customers.

How do you manage multi-tasking?

One of the main interview questions for restaurant managers is how do they manage multi-tasking because obviously a manager has to perform several tasks at once. Tell them some strategies, especially the ones you have already applied with your own work. Show them humor in your stress management skills. Let them know that you like to handle work in a calm manner so that everything is done correctly.

What do you know about our company?

After ‘Define yourself,’ this is another of the interview questions for restaurant managers which may cause a lot of uneasiness. Before you go for the interview you must research over the company’s history, how it began, who started it, its current branches and menu. If you have ever had any of their food then you should also mention that with a good description about the food. This will further show them that how good you are in finding every single detail of the food.

Would you like to bring some changes to it once you are hired as a manager here?

This one depends on the company you being interviewed from. Every restaurant will need a different set of changes. But generally you can give some unique ideas about restaurant management. Share with them how you will to make the environment more appealing. Talk about the additions you would like to make to the menu. Furthermore, you might want to introduce a new uniform which will give a more comforting impression to the customers. Giving out some unique ideas will seriously impress them all the way.

How do you like to instruct the ones working under you?

As a manager, you will be having a whole team of cooks, chefs, waiter etc working under you, and doing work as per your instructions. Your interviewer would like to hire the one who has a calm and humorous nature. They will surely not prefer someone who is short tempered and can get annoyed easily. Although strictness at times is mandatory in order to keep discipline so that the quality of serving the customers does not get affected.

Why do you think you are more suitable for this job than the ones waiting out there?

One of the trickiest interview questions for restaurant managers where you will have to distinguish yourself from others who have also applied for the same job post. Think about some unique qualities within you. But remember not to degrade the rest in order to prove yourself suitable because this will leave a bad impression on your interviewer.

These are the main interview questions for restaurant managers. Do not try to mug up the answers but rather understand so that when you answer all the interview questions for restaurant managers, it seems natural. If you love restaurant management, you will do great at interview table.


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