15 Tips for a Successful PR Career

PR Career

A successful PR Career is not easy to achieve. It requires lot of strain and determination to win over clients and bosses. Dave Fleet has combined a list of tips for a successful PR Career: 1. Be a sponge Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it made the PR pro. Whether you’re just starting … Read more

How to Become a Business Coach?

Business Coach

A business coach is one who gives training and provides business people of small and big firms with tips and strategies of selling their products. Not only do they help in selling, but also with management, marketing and team building. Obtain a business coaching certificate Before you begin with the career of a business coach, … Read more

Is Career Coaching Right Career for You?

career coaching

Career coaching is an act of guidance to people who are confused about what career to choose. Who is a career coach? A career coach helps people in finding the career that suits them. They look into their clients’ skills, strengths and interests, wants, needs and suggest them with a suitable career. Your knowledge on … Read more

How to Train for a New Career?

train for new career

If you are planning to switch your career in the near future then before you start it, you ought to train for a new career.   Field of education You can only switch to those careers which are related to your field. You cannot expect to start practicing as a doctor if you have got … Read more

Business Attire for Young Women

business attire for young women

Being young and employed does not mean that you have to dress up very maturely. Business attire for young women is something that will look stylish and up-to-date and at the same time remain decent and formal. Below are tips for some fabulous business attire for young women. Tank Top Tank top is stylish business … Read more

Summer Business Attire for Women

pencil skirt

The extra heat is here and the place where you will be affected the most is your office. The meetings and the dealings could all get ruined if heat plays its magic over you. So it is high time you fit into your summer business attire in order to keep yourself cool. The formality of … Read more

How To Work When You Don’t Want To?

do not want to work

So you have finally reached the point where you do not feel like working and it seems that you have had enough. Everyday seems tougher to continue your usual boring work and now you just cannot concentrate. Check out some tips here on how to work even when you do not want to. Start Anew … Read more