7 points to consider when setting up a small business

small business

Small businesses are formed for producing goods at a smaller scale. As they are smaller in size therefore the things they need are comparatively less than the large scale businesses. Following are the basic guidelines that need to be assessed for setting up a small business: 1. Come up with an innovative idea for conducting … Read more

Vocational Job Skills Assessment

Vocational Skills

Vocational or technical job skills assessment is performed in the majority of job interviews. These are specific to a particular skill or profession. Let us first start by mentioning the skills required in a conventional job interview. As a candidate you should be prepared to prove your skills to the potential employer. This is quite … Read more

Soft Skills Evaluation Checklist

Soft Skills

It is a fact that soft skills can help or hinder a person’s career, so it is always worthwhile to periodically evaluate one’s own personal behaviors, whether you are a CEO, employee or student. Take time to honestly assess your strengths, noting where you need to improve, using this soft skills checklist: 1. Do you … Read more

More top 10 CV Mistakes to Avoid

CV Mistakes

Earlier, we covered top 10 CV Mistakes and how to avoid them. Here is another quick checklist: 1. Typos, bad English: A recruiter is looking for an excuse not to consider your application, and bad grammar and typos gives him an excuse to put your application in the special file marked the bin. A badly … Read more

How not to be part of Workplace Politics

how to avoid work politics

Whether you accept this fact or not, work politics exists almost in every office setting. There is no chance that you can avoid it at all. It doesn’t matters at what position you are at, you will find the politics from lower level to the top level. Just as said before there is no way … Read more

3 Tips to Turn Volunteer Work Into Your Career

volunteer work

Are you fond of volunteer work? Be it helping the oppressed, taking care of the sick, managing traffic or just filling out forms, your passion for volunteer work can now be turned into a full fledged Career. Tips to turn volunteer work into your career: 1. Put it on your CV: Despite hiring managers saying … Read more

5 tips to cover Unemployment Gaps in your CV

unemployment gap

Not everyone is meant to work 40, 50, or 60 straight years. Not everyone gets a job at twenty and very few people get through their entire career without taking a short break, voluntary or not. We retire early, go on an extended maternity leave, join the Peace Corps, or any number of other things … Read more