Top 10 Travel Jobs and How to Get Them

If you love travelling then your goal should be to start searching for some travel jobs which not only fulfill your dream but along with that you will also get to earn from it.

Top 10 Travel Jobs and How to Get Them

Pilot: Becoming a pilot is one of the best travel jobs. You have high salary and obviously travelling is the plus point in it. Before you could get a pilot job, you first need to go to a pilot training school. Once you achieve a certificate from there, get a first class medical certificate from a federal aviation administration medical examiner and some more certificates related to flight and aircraft. To get a job as a pilot, one has to complete 1500 hours of flying and then only will they be hired as a pilot.

Air hostess: If one wants to search for travel jobs with easier tasks than flying a plane, then working as air-hostess is not a very bad idea. Though the pay is not very much but the benefit of travelling around is worth the low pay. Many airlines provide training programs for air-hostess and once the training is over they are all set to hire them. You can search for such training programs in the airline of the country you are living in.

travel jobs
Top 10 Travel Jobs

Writer for a travelling magazine: If you are a good writer and have the ability to describe places very perfectly, then you can apply as a writer in a travelling magazine. These magazines require a lot of travelling around the world or your country. Also, there are people out there who want a writer in order to write for them a travelling book and they are ready to pay for all your travelling expenses.

Photographer: Do you love photography? If so, then once again there are travelling magazines who wants to hire their own personal photographers to go around and bring the photographs of the places. The initial pay may not be very high, but once you get recognized you surely will have a good income.

Tour guide: Another place to search for travel jobs is at the tour companies to work as a tour guide. But before you get hired as a tour guide you must learn all the languages, or at least the common languages of the tourists who visit your country. Moreover, just knowing the language is not enough, you also have to be fluent in speaking them. Furthermore, having a cheerful and a friendly nature is a plus point.

Travel Agents: These people work as a communicator between the travelers and the airlines, hotels and the tourism bureau. A travel agent needs to have thorough information about the foreign country’s laws, its places, hotels and accommodation costs.

Navy Sailor: Military is always in need of new forces. If your medical certificate says that you are perfectly fit, and you do not have any bad habits such as smoking or drinking a lot, then military will surely hire you. The best part is they will themselves provide you with the training.

Geologists: This is one which requires a bit of pre-planning as for this you require at least a bachelors degree with major subjects in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Au Pair: These are usually babysitters or nanny hired by wealthy families in foreign countries and you will be taken around with them during their vacation trips. Contact the au pair agency in the country you wish to go to and they will probably find you a job.

Travel jobs in a Cruise: A cruise usually has lots of vacancies, such as waiters, managers, musicians, chef etc.

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