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Are you among those thousands of people who are trying to achieve a goal, and are highly motivated? If you are losing your focus even if you are well aware of all the steps that are needed to be taken for professional career development, then you may consider an accountability partner for yourself.

Professional Career Development Tips

Reason for losing focus: Most of the people get distracted due to the fact that they are interested in more than one thing simultaneously. Therefore, whenever they witness anything interesting, they get distracted by that. Another reason for losing focus is being stressed. You are not going to carry on the momentum with which you started if you stress out very much.

If you are facing any of the above situations and want to achieve professional career development, then you must consider having an accountability partner for your work. This will make it easier for you to concentrate on your goals. It doesn’t matter if you goal is on personal level or professional level.

Who is an Accountability partner?: An accountability partner would be a person who is going to see if you are still serious about your work or not. He/she is going to keep you accountable for all your goals that are needed to be achieved by you. He/she is going to help you through your personal and professional life. It will be much easier for you to accomplish your objectives.

How to choose accountability partner?: An accountability parent may be a person from the organization where you work. You can also choose an individual that do not work with you. The relationship can be unidirectional or bidirectional. It is totally up to you if you want to play the role of an accountability partner for the other person too. The advantage of two-sided relation is that you are not going to pay for the services of the other person. In turn you are going to provide him/her with your own skills and services.

How it works?: When you hire an accountability partner in order to enhance your professional career development, you have to contact him every Monday to tell him about your plans for the entire week. A fifteen to twenty minutes call is mandatory for you. Your partner is going to keep a copy of your goals and objectives of that week. You can also discuss with him all your concerns, and the obstacles that you expect to face. You can find out a solution together. The next week you have to brief him about your achievements and he/she will keep the record.

Advantages of accountability partner: Being disciplined is the key for professional career development, and an accountability partner can help you through this. This is the first step towards being punctual and disciplined in your professional life. The one thing that you must keep in mind is that your partner is not an authority figure. He or she is present only to facilitate you through your problems. You are definitely not going to require the services of a partner after sometime. Once you get punctual and disciplined in your life, you can eliminate the services of a partner from your life.

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