What do big women wear for an interview? 5 tips for Plus size women

plus size women business attireIt is important to dress according to one’s body type. And even more so during an interview. Plus size women often struggle with choosing clothes which give that flattering look. The good news is that there are a lot ways to appear thinner.

Here are 5 dressing options plus size women consider while getting ready for the interview:


1. Bell-bottom Trousers: These types of trousers give a fantastic flattering look while effectively concealing the fat. Pair the trousers with a jacket or blazer with a blouse inside and you are all set to attend the interview. Darker shaded are always preferred because they don’t make you appear outlandish.

2. Blazers or Cardigans: These two are infallible dresses. The blazer needn’t be too long – it should just hit your waist in length. Cardigans are made of soft stretchable materials which again fit a big body well and make you appear leaner. The best part is you can have just a couple of these and wear them on a regular basis without worrying they’ll look repetitive.

3. Skirts: Skirts have a magical way to make you appear thinner. For an interview you can easily wear an A-line or even a free-slowing skirt. Colors and prints need to be kept in mind. Make sure you select pieces that look highly professional. Also, the skirt should not be above your knees in length because you want to appear professional.

4. Balloon blouses: These blouses have a bulging towards the end, much like the harem pants, so they go a long way in making you look slimmer. Also these blouses aren’t buttoned so they look even more flattering on a big bust. You can choose lighter shades for blouses so you have a nice contrast with your pants or skirt.

5. Pumps: These are a must-have for any plus size woman. Pumps not only give you more height (which makes you look slimmer) but also have pointed toes which give an overall slimming effect. Moreover, you can have just a few good pairs of pumps and match them with anything you wear – trousers, skirts or dresses.

It is important to remember that there is nothing to get worried about if you have a plus-sized body. Until you shed those extra pounds you can definitely wear clothes that make you appear thinner!

Here are some more tips on how to dress for an interview.

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