Part Time Careers That Pay Well

Part Time Careers that pay well

With on going recession, and rising costs of living, we are seeking opportunities to increase our earnings – either switching jobs or taking on part time careers.

However, in case of part time careers, we are usually interested in those jobs that pay well, so that we can compensate for the time spent at making some extra dough, rather than enjoying life.

Here are some Part Time Careers that pay well:

Wait Staff Positions: Servers at restaurants have some of the most flexible hours in the part-time job market. If you’re willing to work split shifts, late hours and up to six days a week, the potential to earn a more-than-average hourly wage is there. Demand for servers (no longer referred to as “waiters” or “waitresses”) is highest during the summer months. Given the current job market, fast cash is definitely a significant perk, making the Wait Staff positions as one of the most sought after part time careers that pay well.

House Painters: Painting homes is a viable option for those seeking seasonal work. While the hours are long, the earning potential is significant. There are students who graduate debt-free just by working summers as a house painter.

Landscapers: If you don’t mind being outdoors for extended periods of time, are good with your hands and enjoy a challenge, landscaping may be a good fit. Landscaping is an ideal job for those who want to make their own schedule. It is the kind of part time careers where you don’t have to go to work for a boss in this field.

Bookkeepers: Book-keeping or Accounting is also one of the high paying part time careers. Every company needs an accountant at some time or the other, and much of the work can be done part-time, remotely and around flexible hours.

Social Media Support: With corporate Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media pages clamoring for attention among wired consumers, company budgets are allowing for the addition of at least one part-time expert to stay on staff – even in this tumultuous economy. While it will take a bit more than an active Google+ profile to earn you the title of “social media strategist,” a solid background, understanding of new technologies and a willingness to adapt can bring about opportunity. Social media jobs range from the lowest paid intern position all the way up to director status.

Here are some work from home ideas that you can take on as part time careers.

Identifying part time careers that pay well is not an easy task. It very much depends on your location, culture and economy. However, be persistent and enjoy what you do.

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